The “Two-Trump Tango” Life-Reading Spread*

*(So named for no other reason than that it has a pleasing alliteration to it.)

I’ve long held that, when they appear in a prediction, the tarot trump cards usually presage “matters of greater import” emerging in a person’s life, while the rest of the cards are more about routine experiences and attitudes arising within the larger framework. (I realize that some people who read solely with the trumps don’t agree but, if this weren’t a useful distinction, why bother to have separate ranks within the deck?) They really speak two different languages, one that of the sages and the other that of the common man. In the interest of always using the right tool for the job, I prefer to leave the sages to their work and let common wisdom prevail where it does the most good.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I find that “trumps-only” readings can lack “modulation” in the messages they deliver because they are essentially uniform in “volume” even if variable in “tone.” (If you’ve ever watched Monty Python’s “Gumby Theater” you know what I’m talking about: the same uninflected, stentorian bellow out of several mouths.) I’ve chosen not to tune my “receiving circuits” to align with the input frequencies of that particular bandwidth to the exclusion of all others. I’m not prepared to squeeze myself into such a narrow box when there are 56 other “flavors” that can be brought to bear on a subject that will inject much more nuance into the reading without having to tease it out of a monolithic totality. Not that such specialization can’t be done successfully, but what’s the point? The entire notion seems a bit cliquish and even elitist (or maybe just foreign) to me.

However, in a cautious nod to the idea that trump cards don’t really need substantial augmentation, I decided to create a spread built around a kind of “alpha-and-omega” trump-card landscape with a “roadmap” of connecting cards between them; call it a “travel itinerary” or a series of “way-points” linking the origin and the destination. These additional cards fill in the details about how one might get “from here to there” in one piece, especially if the two trumps are actively hostile or merely indisposed toward one another. The trumps preside over the question and the answer while the intervening cards supply the “whys and wherefores.” (Any other trumps that happen to appear are just more “grist for the mill.”)

Two-Trump Tango Spread.JPG

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