A 2020 Six-Month Grand Tableau

Every six months I perform a Lenormand Grand Tableau reading to look at my prospects for the upcoming semi-annual period. This year I’m doing something different. I haven’t been satisfied with the usefulness of the last four “summary” (aka “fate” or “destiny”) cards of the 8×4+4 “piquet” layout (which also tend to complicate the practices of “mirroring” and “transposition”), so I decided to go with the 9×4 “Tableau of Nines” instead. The spread covers the period from January 1 through June 30, 2020. I used Lynn Boyle’s impressive Heloise Lenormand for this reading.

2020 6-Month Grand Tableau.JPG
All images copyright Lynne Boyle

The Man is centrally located in the horizontal “run” of the spread, with as much behind him as ahead, and he is subject to twice as many influences as he is able to master at this point in time; it looks like a “crossroads” scenario to me. The Significator straddling the middle of the tableau like this is what might be expected for a New Year’s preview/review, and offers what Rana George calls a “validation” of the reading. The Woman “has his back” and the Storks suggests improving circumstances just ahead (although not for long as the Coffin lands with a thud squarely in his path).

The first three cards in the layout (the “message for the querent”) seem to be speaking to the imminent arrival of our new grandson (the Child, due to be born today but likely to be late). This promises joy (Clover) in our household (House), a sentiment carried over even more emphatically into the next two cards, the Sun and the Star.

The remainder of the top row, and in fact most of the rest of the cards to the right of the Man’s column, appear to be focused on the major initiative we have going on to finally divest ourselves of some property in our old hometown that has been a financial drain on us for the last year (the Fish in the second row is weighed down by the Mountain above and “imprisoned” by the Whip and the Mice to the sides). The series Fox-Snake-Mountain indicates an uphill struggle (Mountain), with a few devious twists-and-turns (Fox+Snake), before we can arrive at a contract (Ring). However, the cards at the four corners (Child-Ring-Heart-Bear) suggest an agreeable and remunerative conclusion to that effort.

With the exception of the Scythe, the cards in immediate proximity to the Man are predominantly neutral and don’t provide much in the way of corroboration or rebuttal for the encouraging testimony of the corners. The blade of the Scythe is pointing to the left, toward the Park and the Bouquet, giving me the idea that the field of potential “suitors” (Park) for the land purchase is likely to be whittled down (Scythe) before long; any potential offer (Bouquet) already seems to be beleaguered (Cross) by the circumstances of the sale, something we know to be true due to old covenants on the property. The Letter-Book-Whip trio implies the legal ins-and-outs (up to and including a future land-use lawsuit) that will have to be negotiated before anything can happen. Our goal is to transfer this legal obligation to the buyer, which is why we are significantly lowering our asking price (Fish+Mice).

The third row has a different slant. The duo of Dog+Tree has me wondering whether a dear friend’s health may be in jeopardy, and the Rider insinuates that my wife and I (Woman+Man) will hear about it in the next few weeks. The “friend” may in fact be my wife’s mother, who has been in severe decline with Alzheimers for a long time. The “Coffin” event that brings an end to our improving trend (Storks) could indicate her demise and the white of the Lilies immediately following may actually be “funereal,” while the High Tower mirroring the Dog depicts the care facility that will oversee her final days. The Lilies could also be showing that we will be able to get in one last familial visit before the end, but in that case it should really precede the Coffin.

The Clouds, knighting to both Man and Dog, suggests that the above patch of trouble could interfere with the settlement of the financial deal (Bear+Anchor+Clouds) or that it will at least delay the arrangements we have to make (Ship+Birds+Path) to honorably hold up (Moon) our end of the mutually-gratifying agreement (Key+Heart). Clouds sits at the intersection of Clover and Heart, creating a sense of emotional “heartache” as the probable cause of any erosion of our prospects for “good fortune.”

I normally look to auxiliary techniques such as mirroring, intersection and knighting for confirmation of the preliminary testimony, but here the “Man-in-the-middle” affords little opportunity for mirroring while he basically intersects with everything, and the knighting arrays are a decidedly mixed bag. But there is another technique I’ve explored that provides crystal-clear evidence of the positive nature of the reading: knighting “on the diagonal.” Before I describe what I see, here is a previous post on the method.


In this spread, the Man knights diagonally to the Bouquet, the Anchor, the Fish and the Key, a most fortunate pattern of influences. The Bouquet provides “preconditioning” to the normal knighting card, the Park, making it look like more than one offer will be forthcoming, while the Anchor “preconditions” the bright side of the Clouds, implying that the Bear’s foundation is unshakeable and the deal will be consummated despite minor uncertainties. The Fish offers “post-conditioning” to the Whip, so maybe throwing money at the buyer’s argument (perhaps in the form of a counter-offer) will blunt its aggressiveness, while the Key favors the Moon and is followed by the Heart, making it clear that our unimpeachable honor will be the determining factor in these negotiations. (The series Paths-Moon-Key-Heart does look like taking the “high road” to me.)

The columns also tell an interesting tale. Read from top-to-bottom. most of them offer a fairly positive conclusion despite in some cases beginning on a sour note. Specifically, the mirroring of Fox-Snake-Mountain by Paths-Moon-Key implies that any “stones in the passageway” (to use Robert Johnson’s memorable phrase) shown by the difficult cards will not be insurmountable if we just keep “pushing upward” with our sincere efforts, and Heart mirroring Ring at the end puts the seal of approval on this assumption. To the Man’s left, Bear mirroring Child and Anchor mirroring House look like a “maturing” of the situation will take place in the next few months, while Clouds mirroring Clover might take a little “wind out of our sails,” especially with the Clouds being followed by the Ship and the Birds (we might steer into some bickering over the details). But overall, I’d say that it will all work out in the end because the negative aspects of the reading are pretty much localized and bounded by more fortunate developments, making me think “This too shall pass.”


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