The “Trump-Card Interrogation” Spread

This spread is based on the work I did with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s list of trump-card questions that I posted yesterday. It is one step above a general life-reading in level of detail and is intended for use when the sitter doesn’t have a more personal question to ask of the cards. The spread begins with a trump-card significator that can either be randomly pulled from the deck before the main draw or purposely selected in advance. The questions listed for the chosen trump card form the broad scope of the inquiry, and the querent should determine the specific focus of the reading using this input. The two success paths on the right (Air and Fire) are “Assertive” and respond well to an urgent,  Crowleyan “lust for result,”  while the two on the left (Water and Earth) are “Receptive” and more deliberate in their expectations.

The layout is an expanded version of Jodorowsky’s “World” spread which mimics the design of the World card and its allusion to the four Holy Living Creatures of the vision of Ezekiel: at the upper right the Eagle signifies the intellect and the suit of Swords; at the upper left the Angel or Man symbolizes the emotions and the suit of Cups; at the lower right the Lion stands for creativity and the suit of Wands (although Jodo also calls it “sexual energy,” that may not apply in many situations); and at the lower left the Bull represents practicality and the suit of Disks or Pentacles. The position meanings are my own, and each series shows the activities that, at their best, contribute to the success of that aspect of the querent’s approach to the subject of the reading. Each set has a sub-quintessence card that provides a high-level overview of the likely success of that path, and the Grand Quint (or “Answer”) card pulls together the four sub-quints into a single trump-card expression that should be compared to the “Question” card for evidence of mutual cooperation (a success indicator) or antagonism (a warning of risk to success). All five quint cards can be read in series as an overall narrative for the circumstances surrounding the answer.

Trump-Card Interrogation Spread Fixed.JPG

Trump-Card Interrogation Spread Fixed2.JPG

Trump-Card Interrogation Spread Fixed3.JPG

Trump-Card Interrogation Spread Fixed4.JPG




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