A “Breaking the Chain” Example Reading

This turned out to be a provocative and entertaining spread in actual use. For the topic I chose to examine the causal chain for my admitted “sweet tooth,” especially around the holiday season. I purposely selected the Empress as the “Root Card” for my dietary indiscretion: “It’s not nice to say ‘No’ to Mother Nature!”). I used the Fournier Tarot de Marseille with no reversals.

All images copyright Naipes Heraclio Fournier, S.A.

For the “Bias” card I randomly pulled the World. I interpreted it as showing a rewarding predilection that is firmly established and not likely to change. On that basis I decided that the “distance past” is the most likely culprit in my self-created dilemma. So I populated that “arm” of the spread with two more randomly-drawn cards. (For the photo I subsequently placed three face-down cards as place-holders in the unused “Bias” positions to reflect the temporal structure of the spread; the others are “recent past” to the left, “present” above and “near future” to the right.)

The Pope came up in the “Thrust” position. I had to look no further than my maternal grandfather for the meaning of this card; he was my childhood role-model who loved ice cream and ate it frequently, and who died of a pulmonary embolism at 73 (although I’m sure his daily eggs and occasional bacon didn’t help either). To this day I can’t keep ice cream in the house for fear of devouring it.

The “Impact” card was the 8 of Coins, which struck me as showing the “wages of sin,” or at least of self-indulgence. At 71 the insidious “dad bod” is finally threatening to overtake my always-trim physique, something I won’t tolerate. This card followed by the Chariot as “quint” card got me humming the Queen song “Fat-Bottomed Girls.” (“Get on your bikes and ride!”)

I noticed that all four of these cards correspond to  elemental Earth, which has been associated with Jung’s psychological function of “sensation.” ‘Nuff said about that, I think. The Chariot as the “Outcome” card could also not be clearer. I do need to spend more time on my exercise bike, which I had to resort to after I blew out my right knee jogging. I had already started doing it as a form of physical therapy, but now I have an equally compelling reason to keep at it. My assumption is that the Chariot here is showing the success path to keeping that epicurean Empress and her addiction to “comfort food” in their place.

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