The “Tetractys” Decision-Making Spread

With this spread I believe I’ve found a satisfactory alternative to my long-standing use of the venerable and reliable Celtic Cross. I want to acknowledge that this isn’t entirely original work; I found a suggested interpretive model on Wikipedia that was presented as one possibility among many. I tweaked most of the position descriptions to suit my own focus on situational awareness but kept the original position titles and structure. The main difference I see between this spread and the Celtic Cross is that there is no pronounced developmental timeline in the Tetractys, which is more participatory in the “here-and-now” than future-oriented in its operation. (I see it as being about immediate action and reaction, or about leveraging posture and temperament toward near-term goals, not about long-range prospects for success.) Depending on the objective of the reading, this may or may not be a disadvantage. However, the “timing” nature of the outcome card (Card #10) – that is, whether it is “fast,” “medium” or “slow” in its expression – can be applied to produce an approximate answer as to “when” the prediction is likely to manifest. As always, forecasting dates with the tarot should be taken with a large grain of salt.

Tetractys Spread.JPG

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