A “Round It Goes” Example Reading

It took a while, but I finally got the game-board spinner necessary to try out this unusual spread.


I found it useful to select a deck that matched the height of the spinner pad fairly closely so I could lay out the cards in a uniform way that eliminated the possibility of “pointer overlap” while also not requiring too much tabletop real estate. The Waite-Smith Centennial pocket edition worked perfectly for this.

The question I asked was “How will my plans for the week ahead go?”I shuffled the deck and dealt eight cards face-down, clockwise from the “9 o’clock” position; there was no particular reason for starting at that point other than that I like to use a zodiacal progression when working with eight-to-twelve cards in a circular pattern. It doesn’t really matter where you start the layout since the spin of the pointer will be random.

I spun the pointer briskly and it stopped at the upper-left position of the spread. Turning over the card in that spot revealed the 10 of Wands. I shuffled the remaining cards and pulled two more to expand on the testimony of the 10 of Wands, getting the Tower and the 8 of Wands.

Then I spun the pointer another time to seek a “second opinion” on what I might encounter during the upcoming week. This yielded the High Priestess reversed. Shuffling the rest of the deck, I pulled two more cards for amplification and got the 6 of Cups reversed and the Magician.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

I took the first outcome to be cautionary. You may have read about the knee injury I suffered a few weeks ago. The knee is healing slowly but still feels fragile. This narrative is telling me to avoid overburdening myself in an intensely physical way (10 of Wands) that could cause a serious “blowout” (Tower) and send me to an urgent care facility, the modern equivalent of the hospital emergency room (8 of Wands). I’ve been careful up to this point, but feeling better often breeds nonchalance.

The alternate advice suggests an unexpected revelation (High Priestess rx “spilling the beans”) about a family member (most likely a young person under duress as shown by the 6 of Cups rx) that requires me to intervene (Magician). The reversals could mean that something about the situation will not be straightforward.

In summary, this approach presents a very quick and tidy way to create a three-card reading from a population that is more varied than simply drawing a series of cards from the top of the deck. I suppose I could pull eight cards randomly from a fan for this purpose and then arbitrarily pick one, but using the spinner is much more fun. Another wrinkle would be to deal eight stacks of three cards each and avoid the additional shuffling, while still using the spinner to choose which stack(s) to read.

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