A Lenormand Forecast: Land Sale Outlook

I’ve been neglecting my Lenormand practice lately, so I took the opportunity to do a 3×3 reading on an initiative we’ve just begun to sell some property we own.

When we moved out of our old home, we kept an adjacent five-acre parcel that we intended to sell separately from the house plot. We haven’t had any luck on the open market, so we decided to approach one of the abutters (after the other two expressed no interest) about buying it. This individual is a major landowner who has no access onto a public road from the southern end of his acreage, and must enter and leave it from the far northern end where his house is situated. Our thinking is that if he ever wants to sub-divide his 200 acres, he might prefer to put in a private road to the division that doesn’t pass by his home. The question I asked was whether he and his wife would be interested, with the expectation that we will hear something from them by the end of November. I used the Gilded Reverie Lenormand for this reading, and didn’t pre-select a topic card.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The first notable thing is that there are no negative or neutral-negative cards in this reading at all. Two of the cards are positive (Sun and Stars), two are positive-neutral (Lilies and Anchor) and three are neutral (Paths, Letter and High Tower. The Man and Woman have no qualitative value in this determination. There is a clear dominance of affirmative cards in the layout, suggesting that we have made our move at an auspicious time. The Man and Woman appear to be looking favorably upon the opportunity (Stars).

The “focus card” in the middle of the square is the Lilies, and it is surrounded by largely encouraging cards. Here it most likely stands for general happiness and not family affairs or sexuality; however, one thought is that the purchase might play into their plans for their adult children. It could also imply that they will be sympathetic to the idea of maintaining environmental stewardship and protection of this undeveloped woodland. I often think of the word “legacy” when interpreting the Lilies.

The four corners describe the overriding influences. The Stars, the Woman, the Paths and the Letter indicate that the man’s wife will be the one to see the advantage (Stars) in having an alternate outlet (Paths) from their land and will push him to make a written offer (Letter). She is also likely to be the one to see the family potential (Lilies) in the situation; the Woman knighting to the Sun and the Anchor (here signifying durable property or “real estate”) reinforces her prominence in the outcome.

The top row (Stars-Man-Woman) shows that the abutting landowners will be agreeably disposed to the prospect of increasing their holdings and see it as highly advantageous.

The left-hand column (Stars-Anchor-Letter) conveys that we can expect to receive a sincere and consequential offer. The Man knighting to the Letter and the Paths is testimony that he will make the final decision in the matter.

The middle row (Anchor-Lilies-High Tower) suggests that the prospect of ending the inaccessibility (High Tower) of their property (Anchor) from the South will be greatly appreciated (Lilies). The man involved here was formerly an official in town government (High Tower) and is likely to have a good handle on what all of this means. The combination shows that the broader implications of the proposed real estate transfer (Anchor + High Tower) are conducive to their long-term satisfaction (Lilies).

The middle column (Man-Lilies-Sun) gives the impression that he will be inclined to jump on the chance when it is offered and stands to profit by it. Sun mirroring Man and knighting to Stars could make it seem especially attractive to him.

The bottom row (Letter-Sun-Paths) looks like accepting his written proposal will be an especially good move for us.

The right-hand column (Woman-High Tower-Paths) announces that the decision (Paths) will meet her long-term goals (High Tower). Paths knighting to Anchor brings it into sharper focus.

The right-moving diagonal (Stars-Lilies-Paths) portrays a well-favored “success path.”

The left-moving diagonal (Woman-Lilies-Letter) suggests that she will be the one to communicate with us in what may become an offer/counter-offer scenario.

Overall, I like our chances of successfully completing this deal.


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