Where Is Michael? – Phase 4: An Astro-Tarot View

As I continue to pursue the whereabouts of Michael McClain, who disappeared from Nashua, NH in mid-April of 2019, I decided to apply my new “Astro-Tarot Location” method for comparison to my previous readings. As I did before, I chose the Knight of Swords as the Significator, and I used the Waite-Smith Centennial pocket edition with reversals.


The Significator appeared below the horizon in the 2nd House and the sign of Taurus. The position indicates that Michael is not too far east-northeast from where he was last seen and is “on, near or under the ground,” possibly concealed in or near a structure or enclosure of some kind. Taurus can show an agricultural or agrarian setting (or at least somewhere rural), as might be expected if hiding him was the objective; the “fixed” nature of the sign shows that he isn’t going anywhere. The Sun and Moon are in opposition, the former just below the horizon in Virgo and the latter just above it in Pisces. Although it’s slightly above the horizon and rising, the Moon’s illumination is distorted by its location close to the Significator and also by its reversal, while the setting Sun’s light is diminished by its below-the-horizon placement and its reversal. The dawn-and-dusk positioning of the two “lights” suggests “dim prospects.” Still, if Michael is found, it will most likely be “by day.”

The Part of Fortune, shown here by my “lucky silver dollar,” is in Libra in the 7th House of close friends and associates. This suggests that the best bet may be to pursue people (possibly a couple as shown by the 2 of Cups) who were well-known to Michael at the time he vanished, since it is likely that they know something. These people may no longer reside in the area.

The following cards landed in the 2nd House along with the Significator; these cards aren’t read in series as an unfolding  narrative, just as background information that may be relevant.


The three court cards imply that a man and two women were involved in what happened, although the reversed Queen of Pentacles seems to be trying hard to downplay her connection to the situation. The King and Queen of Cups could be the couple known to Michael who were portrayed by the 7th-House 2 of Cups. The 4 of Pentacles in the 2nd House suggests that Michael may have been threatened with losing “something of value” and that he is now being “closely contained” in some manner. An alternate perspective is that in esoteric systems the 4 of Pentacles (aka “Disks”) is titled “Earthly Power” and also “Work,” indicating that finding him will be a significant effort that may entail some “digging.” The 3 of Swords reversed looks like he could have been “stabbed in the back,” and it may be alluding to the “three men” mentioned by the psychic who weighed in on this case. The presence of the upbeat Star here is puzzling, unless its remoteness simply means that hope of finding Michael is faint at best.

In summary, there is some obvious convergence between this reading and my earlier attempts, especially in the north-easterly direction and presumed setting of Michael’s current location, as well as the implication of “dirty dealing.”

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