What Happened to Mike? – A Missing-Person “Side-trip”

Well, I thought, if a psychic can tackle this rapidly-chilling case of unexplained disappearance, why not a qabalist? I’ve been leaning more heavily in the direction of my very first reading on the disappearance of Mike McClain, which suggested that he was accosted by two aggressive men, one older than the other. In taking a closer look at the three-card series, I get the impression that the older man, the King of Wands reversed, was probably the ringleader and drove the getaway car, while the younger Knight of Wands committed the assault. Since all of the tarot trump cards have Hebrew letters associated with them, I got the notion that I could randomly draw three of them for each of the Wands court cards, identify their associated Hebrew letters, transliterate those into their English equivalents, and come up with three initials for each man. It’s about as far out in left field as you can get, but no more unlikely than what psychic Jeffrey Wands (interesting coincidence of name?) came up with. Here is the result:


The cards themselves seem to support the older man/younger man theory. The King of Wands reversed got the Hierophant, the Emperor and Judgement, indicating a more experienced individual whose commands would have been obeyed, while the Knight of Wands received Strength, Judgement and the Chariot, symbolizing a stronger, more agile person (who may have owned the car). The fact that both had Judgement in their chain implies that they were similarly motivated by some kind of retribution (possibly for Mike’s interference in the fight at the Tropical Lounge).

The King of Wands had Vav, Heh and Shin for his letters; these transliterate into V, U or W; H and Sh. Since there aren’t too many names in English beginning with “U” or “V,” I figured that “W” is the best choice for the first initial. “H” becomes the first letter of the middle name and a last name opening with an “Sh” sound is represented by the third letter: “WHS(h)” (or simply WHS), would be the possible initials for the older man, with the “Sh” perhaps prefacing a name like “Shaw” or “Shepard.” (Trying to render these into any other language, such as Spanish or French, is beyond me.) I should also mention that Hebrew is read right-to-left, so the series of initials could just as well be SHW.

The Knight of Wands had Teth, Shin and Cheth for his letters, which translate into “Th” or “T,” “Sh” and “Ch” or “H,” making the three initials “T(h)S(h)Ch/H” (or simply TSC or TSH) for the younger man. It may be enough for investigative purposes to start with only the first initials (for example, a hypothetical William, Walter, Thomas or Ted) and work from there. It doesn’t get any more theoretical than this, folks, but when all other approaches have proved futile, it’s time to get creative.

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