What Happened to Ricky? – A Missing Person Reading

UPDATE: Ricky Perez was found safe by Londonderry police. As is typical in these cases, no additional information was provided, obviously in the interest of maintaining privacy. I’m counting this one as a predictive success based on the original pull.


Original Post:

Ricardo “Ricky” Perez, a 15-year-old youth from Londonderry, NH, went missing early Saturday morning, October 5, 2019.


I performed my “World of Hurt” missing-person spread to see what it might tell me about the circumstances of his disappearance. I used the Thoth deck, with reversals, and as usual I chose the Princesses as general Significator for a young person of either sex under 25 years old. In traditional terms, the active, projective Wands and Swords depict males and the passive, receptive Cups and Disks describe females.

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The Princess of Wands (a young man) turned up reversed as the very first card in the pull, in the position labeled “An intentional absence; ran away or is in hiding.” The most likely explanation is that this is a runaway scenario and the reversal suggests that he has covered his tracks so he won’t be found easily. No other court card showed up with the Princess, so it doesn’t appear that he was victimized by an outside person. The brief title for this position is “Escaping Something;” although this spread isn’t really intended to be read as a three-card narrative, the 4 of Cups reversed in the next position indicates the possibility of emotional upset as the driving force, and the 3 of Cups at the end of the line looks like a happy reconciliation is in store. Since I took it that way in this reading, I decided to calculate the”quintessence” card for a broader perspective on the matter. This turned up as the Hanged Man reversed in my “quint” system ([-11] + [-4] + 3 = [-12]. I see the reversal of this card as portraying the figure on the card “coming back to the light,” so Ricky may “pop up” unexpectedly before too long.

The 4 of Cups reversed appeared in the “Will he be found alive?” position, and the 4 of Cups is one of the “maybe” cards. The reversal shows that, unless he chooses to reveal himself, it could be difficult to locate him if he is still alive. The Cups cards embody elemental “Water,” so hopefully the alternative (“dead-in-the-water”) isn’t the case here.

The 3 of Cups in the “If yes, when?” position conveys “within three units of time.” Cups typically mean “weeks-to-months,” but I’ve learned not to place too much faith in anything other than the number itself. So it could happen  within three  days, three weeks or three months, but I doubt it would be in the range of quarters or years.

UPDATE: I applied my new “state of undoing” probability table to this reading, with the following result:


The implication of this combination is that Ricky could be at grave risk if he isn’t found quickly. The Devil especially hints at human trafficking. It’s also possible that he may have felt threatened at home by a manifestation of “the Devil” and chose to run away, exposing himself to different threats.

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