A Missing-Person Scorecard

Keeping track of the outcome of my missing-person readings has been challenging. Frequently, the authorities aren’t forthcoming with information, either in the interest of protecting the integrity of an investigation or of preserving the family’s privacy, and the local media outlets seldom publish updated articles on old cases. I’m generally left in the dark unless a case is sensational enough to remain in the public eye. Many of the early inquiries I attempted were for long-dormant “cold cases” that had been picked over by investigators for years or even decades with nothing to show for it, and tarot has proven to be no more fruitful; so I stopped doing those. Now I limit my readings to current New Hampshire cases and, when I learn about a recent missing person, I wait a few days to see if the individual has been found before I do a reading. Following are the cases I’ve pursued and the results of my predictions for those that have been solved:

Mike McClain – No closure yet
George Cross – No closure yet
Dewey Poulin – No closure yet
Justin Booska – No closure yet
Maura Murray (cold case) – No closure yet
Eddy Segall (cold case) – No closure yet
Curtis Pishon (cold case) – No closure yet
Tina Sinclair (cold case) – No closure yet
Bethany Sinclair (cold case) – No closure yet
Rachel Garden (cold case) – No closure yet
Denise Denault (cold case) – No closure yet
Tyler Christensen (cold case) – No closure yet
Patrick Merrill (cold case) – No closure yet

Linda Minery -Deceased; Prediction: Deceased (Success)
Trish Haynes – Deceased; Prediction: Deceased (Success)
Samuel Gray- Deceased; Prediction: Deceased (Success)
Robert Stanley – Deceased; Prediction: Deceased (Success)
Alycia Yeoman (Yuba City, CA) – Deceased; Prediction: Deceased (Success)
Tyler Jacob – Found alive and well; Prediction: Alive but injured (Partial Success)

Adam Camarato – Deceased; Prediction: Alive but ill or disabled (Failure)
Mollie Tibbets – Deceased; Prediction: Alive but ill or injured (Failure)
Shannon White – Deceased; Prediction: Still alive (Failure)
Brandon Chicklis – Deceased; Prediction: Still alive (Failure)
Austin Colson – Deceased; Prediction: Still alive but threatened (Failure)

Of these 24 readings, thirteen (just over half) have yet to reach any kind of closure, so I have nothing to say about them at this time. For the eleven cases that have been solved, ten of the individuals were found dead, and of those ten I predicted correctly that five were deceased and – erroneously – that the other five were still breathing; the last one I described as alive and injured, but that person was in fact found alive and well. (Note that a prediction of “alive but ill or injured” may have been accurate at the time of the reading but the victim eventually succumbed; lacking more precise information on those cases, I’m compelled to treat them as failures.) That amounts to six full or partial predictive successes and five failures, or around a 55% success rate. Not stellar by any means but better than I expected given that these were what I would call “unsupported” readings: none of the people directly affected by the disappearances were part of the process, so the predictions mainly amounted to card-assisted psychic guesswork. If I were working formally with the police, even one predictive success that led to solving a case would be considered remarkable. I’m not sure how much store they place in psychics and astrologers, but tarot might be a new wrinkle for them.


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