What Happened to Mike? – A Missing-Person Update

A friend of this missing person has asked for an update, so here it is. This reading sharpens the focus of a previous spread I did back in July which indicated that the individual may be somewhere in the northern part of the State.

My last reading concerning the whereabouts and current circumstances of a missing Manchester, NH man, 29-year-old Mike McClain, was performed on July 11. Mike has now been missing for over five months and there is still no indication of his fate. I decided to repeat my “World of Hurt” missing-person spread to see if anything new emerges. This time I used the Thoth deck, which I find more sensitive to nuances of interpretation than the Albano-Waite I selected previously. Once again, I chose the Knights as the general significator for males of his age and looked for the first Knight to show up in the spread as an indication of his situation. The initial reading I did on May 8 suggested that Mike departed the area impulsively on his own, although he may have been encouraged by two men with potentially nefarious intent as shown in the “Train to Nowhere” reading I did in conjunction with the other one. This time the Knight of Cups reversed appeared on the second pass, in the second position of the 5-card column with the Page of Swords directly beneath it. This position carries a primary description of “Coaxed, coerced or captured,” with a supplemental text that reads “Lured away, kidnapped or jailed.”


In researching McClain’s public history, I came across a 2016 news article mentioning the arrest of a “Michael McClain” as the result of a disturbance at a restaurant in Manchester. It isn’t certain from a comparison of the three-year-old photograph to a more recent one of McClain that these images show the same individual, but the earlier one is unsmiling and it wasn’t a close-up shot so it’s hard to be sure. Although it’s a stretch, this thread is worth pursuing since, if they are in fact one and the same and McClain reached some kind of deal with prosecutors to the detriment of the other five arrested, it could have provided fuel for their vengeance. Assaults have been perpetrated based on less provocation then this. No doubt investigators have already looked into this to see if a link to past relationships may be pertinent.

6 arrested after disturbance at USA Chicken

Free-associating from the appearance of the reversed Knight of Cups creates the impression that he may be “head-down in the water” somewhere (in other words, drowned), but there are no other clear indications of his demise so, while plausible, it isn’t certain at this point. The Prince of Swords isn’t an especially nice fellow, which led me to the notion that it could be identifying one of the co-defendants in the disorderly-conduct case with an ax to grind.

Regarding whether McClain will be found alive, the 7 of Wands in the second column is a “maybe” card; the visual appearance of the card (one staff pitted against six) implies that there are major hurdles to this happening. The title of the card is “Valour,” which means “extraordinary courage in the face of almost insurmountable odds.” It’s possible that a display of such resolute courage was his undoing, or it could simply mean that his family must be stalwart in pursuing his recovery. From a purely intuitive standpoint, I have the idea that the number “seven” could have something more to say about this case, and all of the wooden staves on the card make me think he is out there “hidden among the trees.” NH Route 16 runs from Portsmouth into the far North, through Errol and on to the Maine border, and by numerological reduction “16” transmutes into “7” (1+6 = 7). While that’s unquestionably a lot of territory to cover, the implication is that McClain may be somewhere along that route. Unfortunately, I can’t get any closer than this without first identifying and then making unfounded assumptions about any other instances of “7” along the road. A professional psychic might be able to make more of this information.

The card in the “If yes, when?” position is the 5 of Cups, suggesting “within five units of time,” most likely months but it could also be weeks. This card is titled “Disappointment,” so the longer time-frame is more credible. The other timing options are “5 quarters” (which would mean within 15 months) and “5 years,” but I don’t think either one is highly probable. Optionally, “Disappointment” could be saying “never,” which presumes that the ambiguous 7 of Wands in fact answered “No.”

The bottom line for me, seeing nothing convincing to the contrary, is that the Knight of Cups reversed is symbolic of McClain’s current status (e.g. in an “upset” state and in a “watery” environment), and that the Prince of Swords (traditionally a dark-haired, drab-skinned, athletic youngish man of an active nature) is behind it. It could be worth checking on whether any of McClain’s former friends and close associates had ties to northern NH, as well as what large, sufficiently remote and uninhabited bodies of water lie along Route 16.

Postscript: Those who are familiar with the Thoth deck will realize that the Thoth Knights are the senior male members of the court-card hierarchy and therefore, while energetic, are typically older than Mike McClain. In that case, the Prince of Disks reversed in the top position of the column would be the relevant significator, which repeats the verdict of my May 8 reading with the added emphasis that he may now be “head-down in the ground.” It’s worth noting that in the May 8 spread the RWS Knight of Pentacles in the top position was the significator, and both that and the Prince of Disks are identical male “Earth” cards in different decks, reinforcing the continuity between the two readings. To push this a little further, in the rest of the draw the “Will he be found alive?” card would then become the Knight of Cups reversed (normally a “yes-leaning” card but the reversal casts some doubt on that conclusion); the Water element could indicate “near a lake or river” and the reversal implies concealment. The “When?” card becomes the 7 of Wands (seven “units of time” on the order of weeks-to-months) while still implying somewhere “in the woods.” But I think I’m going to stick with my initial hunch and stay with the Knight of Cups. As tarot author Yoav Ben-Dov was fond of saying “Everything is a sign,” even apparent mistakes.

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  1. Hi Wayne – I read this early this morning. I wonder who is out there that is a psychic for the Manchester Police Dept. If you find out who they use, you can work with them now and in the future. That would be interesting work!


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    > parsifalswheeldivination posted: “A friend of this missing person has > asked for an update, so here it is. This reading sharpens the focus of a > previous spread I did back in July which indicated that the individual may > be somewhere in the northern part of the State. My last reading concer” >

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