General Topic Reading and the “BS Factor”

On-line tarot reading, which is starting to pull me in after years of resisting its call, has become something of a crusade for me. When I first approached it, my long-standing beliefs about "how tarot works" ran head-on into what seemed to be the questionable practices of on-line readers as a group. There is an … Continue reading General Topic Reading and the “BS Factor”

The “Functional” Tarot de Marseille

I have long held that the elaborate set of esoteric correspondences for the tarot developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has no place in divination with the Tarot de Marseille apart from classical suit-and-number theory (elemental and numerological associations that in their present form date back, respectively, to the Greek philosophers Empedocles … Continue reading The “Functional” Tarot de Marseille

The “Pushmi-Pullyu” Relationship Development Spread

Rex Harrison with the Pushmi-Pullyu from "Dr. Doolittle" I was thinking over the observation from my last post about the description of the ideal human relationship (typically but not always romantic) as "two individuals revolving around a common goal in perfectly concentric orbits, moving at the same speed in the same direction in exquisite two-part … Continue reading The “Pushmi-Pullyu” Relationship Development Spread

A Tarot de Marseille Process Analysis

As I gain experience with it, I find that divination with the Tarot de Marseille (TdM) is best suited for providing a literal perspective (as with the Lenormand cards) rather than for the more symbolic, impressionistic approach used with most modern tarot decks. This is due primarily to their spare presentation that doesn't encourage much … Continue reading A Tarot de Marseille Process Analysis

A Process-Management “Playbook” Spread

This post is more academic than most in that it takes a detailed look at principles that are usually more aligned with business objectives than personal goals. The ideal querent for this approach would be a hands-on administrator in any commercial or institutional venture that is process-intensive. This spread proposes that successfully managing the development … Continue reading A Process-Management “Playbook” Spread