My Daily Element

As I mentioned recently, I seldom do daily draws any more because my life just doesn’t change enough to warrant that detailed level of scrutiny. But I do believe there can be value in looking at the elemental tone and the numerical vibration of the upcoming day, not to see what will happen and why, but rather “how” it might transpire. I’m not so much interested in the scope or shape of the experience as its texture; what it will “feel” like and what I should do with its energy. In that sense, the trump cards are a case of “too much information” and the court cards as “people” aren’t aligned in a meaningful way with the solitary nature of my days (although I could see pulling one separately to get a hint of “whom” I might want to invoke in my own personality on any given day, emphasizing its particular characteristics in my activities). That leaves the minor cards; I’m going to apply them exclusively for this purpose and, to avoid any distracting assumptions about the “what” and the “why,” I will use a non-scenic “pip” deck without reversals. The deck is to be split into sub-packs accordingly. Here are a few guidelines on how I intend to proceed.

Wands/Batons as “Fire” bring energy, enthusiasm and ambition. I should strive to begin something new or finish something I already started.

Cups as “Water” arouse the emotions and sensitivities. I should do something that feels especially good, either for myself or someone else.

Swords as “Air” stimulate the mind. I should escalate my intellectual pursuits (tackle a problem,  plan a project, rethink a position, etc.).

Pentacles/Coins as “Earth” offer gravity and a sense of purpose. I should get serious about something pragmatic that I’ve been toying with.

Aces: I should initiate a new undertaking of some kind.

Twos: I should engage in some cooperative effort.

Threes: I should attempt to grow in some way.

Fours: I should consolidate something (“gather stones together”)

Fives: I should get off my ass and pick up the pace (“cast away stones; kick off the traces”)

Sixes: I should try to re-establish balance and harmony in something that has gone off-track

Sevens: I should take a step in a new direction (and make necessary preparations for the same)

Eights: I should assess my progress and redirect my efforts in a more productive way

Nines: I should welcome the opportunity to regroup and take stock of my situation (As Mother Goose would have it, “The king was in the counting-house, counting out his money.”)

Tens: I should enjoy a day of relative rest and contemplate tomorrow

The goal would be to blend the qualities of the suit and the number of the card pulled in the morning and then aspire to instill its “flavor” into the fabric of the rest of my day. I believe this approach lends itself to the experience of one’s life as a continuum rather than as a series of discrete snapshots (as a retiree, I definitely have more than my share of “perfect 10’s”). Regarding a separate court-card draw, the following are suggested responses:

Pages  show the need to be open to new experiences

Knights inspire prompt action and help avert missed opportunities

Queens advise being patient and discriminating

Kings suggest employing a shrewd and skillful administration of energy or resources

Note that there are no negative connotations in any of the above because this model is aimed at making the most constructive use of the energies on the day in question. I should probably mention that I follow Joseph Maxwell’s (and others’) idea that the odd-numbered pips are active and seek a return to balance, while the even-numbered cards are passive and focus on preserving their equilibrium.

Here is an example reading for today:


Hmm, maybe I should take care of a few unique “yard projects” today  (7 of Deniers). But of course I shouldn’t be too precipitous about it (Queen of Deniers). On the other hand, this pair could be talking about judiciously refining the tactical aspects of what I described above.

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