Open for Business

I found out yesterday that my WordPress PayPal button does in fact work, and I’ve begun doing on-line tarot readings. The client in the most recent case shuffled and pulled her own cards, effectively putting her personal stamp on the reading, and e-mailed me the list to reconstruct the layout and read it at my end. No feedback yet, but in my professional opinion it seemed to work quite well (as previously demonstrated by some of the free readings I did on Aeclectic Tarot). This reading generated a six-page report, about one-third of which was explanatory text and connecting matter that will be similar for all of my Celtic Cross readings, along with a digital photo of the spread.

This was around three hours of work, apart from building the standard formatting text, and I receive $35 for a ten-card reading. (In the future I expect to get it down to around two hours’ worth of unique content.) The report had several paragraphs of brief Preliminary Notes, a General Overview of 300+ words, ten paragraphs of detailed analysis (one per card ) of between 150 and 350 words each,  and a Summary section of 200 words and change. The overall report came to just under 3,400 words, inclusive of titles and other trivial text, and the card-specific word count was just under 2,300. All of the detailed observations were built from the ground up based on my experience, with no “canned” content. My goal is to offer a fully personalized experience, which is why I prefer my clients to pull their own cards. Of course, if they don’t own a deck or are uncomfortable with the idea, I can do it here but the results may be more attuned to my own subconscious perspective and not be quite as well-aligned with theirs. (You can find my opinions on “subconscious induction” – aka “how tarot works” – elsewhere in this blog.)

If you are interested, see the “About” section for contact information. Note that I use reversals in my readings, so if you are prepared to do your own pull, keep that in mind. Here is my standard blurb on reversed cards:

“My feeling has always been that use of reversals increases – if not quite doubles – the interpretive range of a spread. While reversal doesn’t change the basic meaning of a card, it alters the “mode of delivery” and the “angle of attack” for the energy. It’s more about the querent’s experience of the influence than its objective reality. It provides a quick visual “pointer” for accessing the problematic subtleties already present, to a greater or lesser extent, in every card, making it a useful tool to ferret out oblique aspects of a situation that could otherwise take considerably more contemplation (and time) to identify.”

Here is an example of one of my free readings from 2017 showing how I approach the cards.

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