A “Build-It-As-You-Go” Example Reading: Hurricane Dorian


Hurricane Dorian did in fact spare southeastern North Carolina any significant damage, and made landfall on the Outer Banks in line with my alternate prediction. There was some serious damage on Okacroke Island. Interestingly, as the hurricane approached Wilmington, NC, I was asked to do another reading about the likelihood of a tornado in my relative’s neighborhood. Although there was some tornado damage down the coast, the outlook was good on that score but the Knight of Swords showed up again in that spread, suggesting a major wind event. Although I didn’t know it at the time, my wife did a single-card pull on the same subject and also got the Knight of Swords. Not a coincidence, I would assume. I started calling it “Sir Dorian the Swift.”


Since I have relatives on the North Carolina coast, I decided to do a reading to see what Hurricane Dorian might have in store for them. I used my “Build-It-As-You-Go” 3-card vignette spread and the RWS Centennial Edition, with reversals. This spread is read starting from the central focus card and moving in the direction of that card’s “gaze;” the cards in the opposite direction (if used) provide alternate or supplemental testimony.


All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The randomly-drawn focus card was the King of Cups reversed. This accurately reflects the present situation: the storm is just sitting there doing nothing but spin over the ocean. The reversed King is facing to the reader’s left, so I populated that arm of the spread first as the most likely development.

The second card was the Knight of Swords, also facing to the left. The suggestion is that Dorian will speed up and move to the West.

The third, or “outcome,” card was the 8 of Pentacles reversed. I’m thinking that the hurricane could veer away from the shore at the last minute and not deliver much in the way of appreciable consequences to the mainland.

However, since this was a somewhat inconclusive prediction, I decided to explore the alternate scenario by placing two more cards in the opposite arm.

The left-facing Hermit may mean that Dorian will resume its slow north-westerly progress and make landfall near Cape Hatteras (the Hermit’s lamp is suggestive of the lighthouses there).

The Tower is a clear sign that it will wreak havoc on all in its path.

Either of these situations is possible at this point in time, but the first one seems more probable.

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