The “Shadow-Play” Motivational Awareness Spread

As a spin-off of my “House System for Tarot” post, I created a spread that draws the house cards from the bottom of the deck as shadow-card companions to the more outwardly explicit cards pulled from the top of the deck. These cards will show underlying motives or causes that affect the outer aspects of the reading. Use of reversals with the “Direct” cards can attune them more closely to the “Shadow” cards, potentially making them more sensitive (and also more vulnerable) to hidden influences. The spread should be read as a linear progression from left-to-right, but it doesn’t have to be treated as a past/present/future scenario. Also, this approach can be used with any spread that has less than 39 positions (a maximum of 78 paired cards), although smaller is probably better in most cases.

Shadow-Play Motivational Spread.JPG

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