What Happened to Linda? – A Missing Person Case Closure

Linda Minery had been missing from Hillsboro, NH since April of this year, and was just found deceased inside a storage unit that she rented in that town.


Several things stand out from the reading I did on April 9:


This was the instance that caused me to consider whether the stipulation in the spread design “Will the person be found?” should in fact be revised to “Will the person be found alive?” This reading gave me a “No” to the alternate question (although I waffled a bit on it), and I have since changed my approach to adopt that provision after thinking about it some more.

The reading predicted ten “units of time” until she would be found, and the discovery occurred approximately ten weeks after Minery went missing.

The reading suggested that her demise would be “by her own hand” due to her allegedly unstable mental state. The police report doesn’t give a cause of death but does imply that there is no evidence of foul play at this time.

It showed her as being concealed within a structure of some kind. She was in fact found inside a locked storage unit, but there are a couple of odd things about the discovery. It seems strange that both doors of the unit would be locked with her inside, but it’s probably a safety feature that the doors can be locked and unlocked from within the unit. Also, it’s difficult to understand why it took ten weeks to search a structure that was rented under her name.

Receiving corroboration of a reading of this kind is never pleasant, but it does demonstrate the validity of the spread design. This is the second recent “case closure” that shows alignment of the reading to the facts of the matter. I may be onto something with this method, although there are still quite a few cold cases I worked on that remain unresolved.

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