Where Is Mike? – A Missing-Person Follow-up

In early May I did a pair of missing-person readings to explore the whereabouts and condition of Mike McClain, a 29-year-old Manchester, NH man.


I was recently advised that Mike has now been missing for three months, and was asked whether it’s possible to determine his approximate location. I have a spread that uses the cardinal and ordinal points of the compass and the counter-clockwise flow of the zodiac to attempt to pinpoint a specific location for the subject of a tarot reading.


I ran the Sundial Location Spread for this case, using the Knight of Swords that I selected to represent Mike in the “Train to Nowhere” missing-person spread. The deck is the RWS Centennial Pocket Edition.


The Knight of Swords turned up reversed at the “North” point, and the reversal changed the facing of the card from left to right, meaning that he is most likely directly to the North rather than the Northeast. The reversal also implies that he is somehow concealed, whether by choice or misadventure. Most of the keywords and phrases for the indicated direction also suggest concealment:

In Secret
In a Private Place
At a Peaceful Place
Near Water
On Private Property
In a Low Place
In a Dim or Dark Place
In a Cool Place

There are other phrases that imply he has secreted himself with family members, but that’s not something that could be kept quiet for three months while a search is going on.

While at Home
With Family
At a Parent’s Home
With Children

There were ten cards beneath the Significator, suggesting that a long, convoluted path brought him from Nashua, NH to his present location. They could also mean that he’s a considerable distance from where he started. The Knight of Wands appears again in this sub-pack (as it did in the “Train to Nowhere” spread), following the 3 of Swords, a card of mental-emotional distress. The idea of coercion from the “Train to Nowhere” reading repeats itself here; the heart pierced with swords could even be describing sedation.


All three cards after the Knight of Wands imply a state of material comfort, and the 10 of Cups at the beginning of the second row adds the quality of emotional comfort to the mix. The Page of Swords makes me think he may be a little restless about the arrangement, but the 6 of Wands reversed looks like he won’t be taking a “victory lap” any time soon since the Ace of Swords is barring the way. Temperance indicates that he could remain where he is for some time to come. There is nothing really dire in the cards themselves, but the key phrases for the Northerly direction give the idea that he is either sequestered somewhere in the North country, probably against his will, or that he is in the ultimate “low, cold, dark place.”

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