A Kipper Experiment: Neighborly Relations

Because the Kipperkarten are perfect for situations involving a number of people, I decided to do a reading that examines our burgeoning (or not) relationship with our new next-door neighbors. In this spread I’m mostly using the columns at this time since they permit lateral comparisons between three different entities. We are obviously in the middle.


The center card in this layout (“Court”) could not be clearer. We spent almost 40 years living in a country home where our nearest neighbors were both a quarter mile away, with deep woods in front and behind; now we’re hemmed in on three sides and have to be more concerned about social proprieties, but we’re trying not to let it bias our attitude (as the “Hope” card below indicates). The neighborhood has an active Facebook group, and the “court of public opinion” is always in session. It could also mean that the “long arm” of city government has a much tighter grip on us here than in our old rural community. Death at the top simply shows that our previous circumstances came to an end, bringing us here; we can “never go back,” but then we don’t want to. The floral wreath at the bottom of the card suggests that our status in the public eye can be transformed, and the tip of the coffin pointing to the Work card shows that we will have to be conscientious about it.

The neighbors on our right seem to have a strong relationship and vibrant family life “(Marriage,” here meaning relationships, bonds or friendships), they are both diligent workers (“Work, Occupation”) and they seem tolerant of having lost their privacy (“Theft”). They are outgoing and we have had friendly contact with them so far. They told us they’re glad we moved in (apparently instead of someone less considerate and more obnoxious). But the high wooden fence they put up between our properties to shield their backyard pool (before we moved in, it should be noted) doesn’t hurt either.

The neighbors on our left spend a fair amount of time away at their summer home, so our connection has been slow to develop (“Long Road”). He is a business owner with a somewhat censorious demeanor (“Magistrate”) and she seems a bit somber (“Sad News”); they are both  considerably more reserved and obviously more conservative than their counterparts on the other side. Our contact with them has been decidedly arm’s length up to this point, and it’s something we intend to work on if they will let us into their confidence.

Overall, the cards provide quite an accurate “snapshot” of the personalities and circumstances we find ourselves involved with now. I will have to think more about the meaning of the rows, diagonals and knighting arrays in this spread. At the moment there is no indication that the Court could mean some form of litigation, but the series Magistrate-Court-Work could be showing that the construction work we’re having done on the property may be cause for concern on the part of the neighbors on the left, even though we’re observing all legal restrictions. However, the magistrate and the man with the shovel are facing away from one another, so a confrontation seems unlikely. The woman in the Sad New card is being regarded by the Thief, so she may be more sensitive about the loss of privacy. In can be tough having abutters on your doorstep where there was only a vacant woodlot before.

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