A “Simple Yes-or-No Spread” Update

I don’t do many yes-or-no readings because I think the tarot is more effective at telling stories. But today we had a contractor scheduled to come and hydro-seed our new lawn, and they hadn’t arrived yet as of 10:00 AM. Because contractors in our area can be notoriously hard to pin down to a commitment, I decided to do a  “Simple Yes-or-No” reading to find out whether they were actually coming before I caved in and called the office.

Simple Yes or No Spread.JPG

The details of the reading aren’t important, except to note  that the Significator card showed up in the “Maybe No Trending Toward No” position at bottom-center, which didn’t surprise me. However, upon seeing that I called the contractor’s office and found out that they were indeed coming out here but the woman couldn’t say how soon (they arrived an hour or so later). Rather than simply assuming that I got an incorrect answer from my reading, I decided to rethink the position meanings based on this experience. The idea of “delay” seemed to be a good concept to introduce, so I came up with the following clarifications:

“Maybe No Trending Toward No” would be better amended to add “or at best delayed.”

“Maybe Yes Trending Toward Yes” would be better amended to add “or at worst delayed.”

This leaves the intent of the positions intact but opens them up to a third possibility: slippage. Here is the revised spread:

Simple Yes or No Spread.JPG

2 thoughts on “A “Simple Yes-or-No Spread” Update

    • I like the fact that Lenormand has well-defined positive, neutral and negative cards. In his book, Andy Boroveshengra did a good job of sorting them out into five subcategories. This makes yes-or-no answers a little more straightforward. A while back I made a stab at separating the tarot cards into “yes-leaning,” “maybe” and “no-leaning” groups. I believe it’s posted here somewhere.


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