What Happened to Mike? – A Pair of Missing Person Spreads

There has been no shortage of missing-person cases in New Hampshire over the last couple of months. The following instance came to my attention when it first surfaced but for some reason I didn’t perform a reading at that time.

Mike McCain, a 29-year-old Manchester, NH man, has been missing since April 20 and was last seen in Nashua after leaving a nightclub where a fight occurred.

Family seeks help in finding Manchester man last seen In Nashua

I decided to perform both my “Train to Nowhere” and my “World of Hurt” missing person spreads to see if I can learn anything about his possible whereabouts and what may have happened to him. For the first reading, I used the Waite-Smith Centennial Edition with reversals; for the second one, I used the Albano-Waite RWS without reversals.  I typically select a Knight as the Significator for individuals between the ages of 25 and 45, so in the first spread I chose the Knight of Swords due to Mike’s criminal justice background. The Significator in the second spread, which is drawn randomly, was the Knight of Pentacles.




The Knight of Swords appeared in the first pile of the “Train to Nowhere” spread, in the “Locomotive” position, which is titled “Purposely absent; moving about.” This shows that, wherever Mike went, he did so by his own choice, at least initially. However, the cards surrounding the Knight of Swords tell a more sinister story.


The first four cards in the Significator’s pile are all reversed, suggesting underhanded dealing. The 4 of Pentacles reversed implies robbery as a possible motive for his disappearance. While he may have walked into the situation with his eyes open, the Page of Cups reversed in the second position indicates a certain gullibility; he could have been put off his guard in some way. The 4 of Swords reversed looks to me like a condition of unlawful restraint. But the most interesting cards here are the two immediately adjacent to the Knight of Swords. The King of Wands reversed and the Knight of Wands look like a team of resourceful con artists who have Mike under their control. The King of Wands may have feigned some kind of need to lead him on, and the Knight of Wands would have prevented Mike from backing out. If he is indeed “traveling about,” it is probably in the company of these two. This portrays what might have happened but not Mike’s current status, which will be examined in the next spread.


The first Knight to show up in the spread was the Knight of Pentacles in the first row, in the position titled “Escaping Something: An Intentional Absence (Ran away or is in hiding).” It came up on the second pass of the deal, and the card beneath it was the Page of Wands, a further indication that he acted impulsively and did not adequately think through his decision. This position reinforces the appearance of the Significator card in the first pile of the “Train to Nowhere” spread, showing self-willed intent on his part. The suit of Pentacles could reflect that Mike was seen as a  lucrative target by the assumed perpetrators.

The card in the “Will He Be Found (Alive)?” position was the 4 of Swords, one of the “Maybe” cards. This echoes the implication of “restraint” in the first reading, and the sarcophagus in the picture has a chilling connotation. If he is still alive, he is being forcibly restrained. The 8 of Wands in the “When?” position is titled “Swiftness” in some decks. Wands usually symbolize rapid resolution, and the number Eight indicates eight units of time, most likely days or weeks. On a more hopeful note, the picture also conveys the idea of flight or escape.

Considering the testimony of these spreads together, I’m not convinced that Mike will survive the ordeal. The recurring 4 of Swords looks like he has a knife at his throat.


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