More Lenormand Line-Play: The “Floating” Topic Card

This follows up on the suggestion made in my previous post about continuing to pull cards in a line spread until the chosen significator appears as a “floating” topic card, and then reading the entire stack beneath it as a situational “sub-plot” to the main story-line. I used a five-card line to explore the question of how our houseplants will fare on their trip from their temporary home to our new one. They had to stay at my sister-in-laws house until the outside air warmed up enough for them to survive the trip, but they are about to be repatriated. I chose the Tree as the topic card because some of the plants are as big as small trees and their health is my primary concern.

I first laid down a five-card line, and then kept dealing in series until the Tree showed up. It landed in the second position, with six cards under it. Although all of the positions held several cards when I was done, I decided to stay with the first cards pulled for all but the second position, discarding the rest. For the Tree’s stack, I read all seven cards as the “logistics” behind the move.

All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The original line shows that my wife has been communicating with her sister about the upcoming visit to retrieve the plants (Rider mirrors Dog). They will “seal the deal and close the books” on the arrangement (Ring mirrors Letter – “That’s all she wrote.”). The plants will make a swift and smooth cross-State transit (Fish).

The logistics look less certain. Some of the pots are large and heavy (Anchor) and will take some finagling (Fox) to get them in the car. Some of them might be damaged on the way (Whip + Cross), and some of them may even have to be left where they are for their own good (Tower + Tree).

This is an intriguing technique that seems to hold some promise.

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