Beto O’Rourke’s 2020 “Candidate’s Profile” Reading

After all of the “sad-sack” readings I’ve done so far for the 2020 Democratic candidates for President, this one is a little more upbeat. O’Rourke is another declared contender with more than an outside chance of getting the nod from Democratic Convention delegates. Although my observations may read as acknowledged facts, they are only conjecture based on the testimony in the cards. (I get tired of saying “maybe” in a dozen different ways.)

O'Rourke Candidate Profile.JPG
All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

In the “Social Quotient” line, the typical American male voter seems unusually sympathetic to O’Rourke. (Queen of Cups)

The typical American female voter finds him oddly remote and not especially inspiring. (Hermit)

Youthful voters are apprehensive that he will deceive them and leave them in the lurch down the home stretch. (Devil reversed)

Older voters are willing to wait a bit for him to deliver before passing judgment. (3 of Wands reversed)

The quint card is, once again, the Emperor, a self-anointed “king seeking a crown.” He is another candidate whose ambitions most likely outweigh his talents.

In the “Policy” line, O’Rourke has not been especially nimble in engaging blue-collar workers. (2 of Swords reversed)

The white-color worker’s endorsement appears to be “DOA.” No support there. (10 of Swords)

There is bewilderment in foreign quarters regarding his off-shore posture. (8 of Swords)

The money-men will see cause to celebrate. (4 of Wands)

The quint card is Judgement, representing “the taking of a definite step” and breaking with the past. He is intent on delivering a “wake-up call” to entrenched interests in Washington.

In the “Moral Quotient” line, religious leaders seem charitably inclined to his emphatically liberal virtues and values. (6 of Pentacles)

Overall public opinion sees him as courageously battling daunting odds but losing ground (that is, as an engaging long-shot). (7 of Wands reversed)

As a white male, he fails to incite much enthusiasm among media pundits, who have been occupied elsewhere. (4 of Swords reversed)

The quint card is the Hierophant reversed, suggesting that Party traditionalists aren’t swayed by his appeal.

The Grand Quintessence card is the Sun. The series Emperor-Judgement-Sun looks like a “road to glory” unless the unimpressed Party machine shown by the Hierophant ropes him in.

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