What Happened to Adam? – A Missing Person Reading

Early Saturday morning (April 27), 32-year-old Adam Camarato of Eliot, ME went missing in Portsmouth, NH. https://www.wmur.com/article/police-look-for-man-reported-missing-in-portsmouth/27298782 I performed my "World of Hurt" missing-person spread to see what I might learn about his present condition. For a male between 25 and 45, I use the Knights for the "Significator pool," and the first one to … Continue reading What Happened to Adam? – A Missing Person Reading

“Unto the Breach” Problem-Solving Spread

Most personal-problem scenarios reach a point where things "come to a boil;" we have gained some momentum toward resolution but the opposition is entrenched, so a pitched battle ensues (even if the conflict is only within our own psyche). Some kind of "breach" has to be found (or made) in the wall of resistance that … Continue reading “Unto the Breach” Problem-Solving Spread

“Knights’ Crossing” – The Marginal Significator

In an earlier post in this series I discussed how to deal with a floating Significator or topic card that appears in the bottom row of the 9x4 layout, such that there aren't enough cards left in the deck to populate a nine-card square surrounding it. The worst case occurs when it lands in the … Continue reading “Knights’ Crossing” – The Marginal Significator

“Knights’ Crossing” Example Reading #3: The 2019 “Troutlook”

I've been an avid fly-fisherman for most of my life, and was of the "catch-and-release" persuasion long before the US Border Patrol co-opted the phrase, although my targets are native and not immigrant. Hmm, come to think of it, both rainbow and brown trout are "introduced" species in my region, so there are parallels, but … Continue reading “Knights’ Crossing” Example Reading #3: The 2019 “Troutlook”