“Knights’ Crossing” Example Reading #2

I’m so intrigued by the idea of a “build it as you go” layout for capturing the Lenormand “topic” card in a subject-matter-specific inquiry that I decided to do another example reading. In a couple of weeks I’m going to be featured in a local newspaper, and I’m hoping the exposure will drum up public reading opportunities in my new hometown and also region-wide.  I chose the Ship in its “commercial enterprise” mode as the topic card. Once again, I used Lynn Boyle’s Heloise Lenormand for the reading.

All images copyright Lynne Boyle

In this spread, the topic card (Ship) appeared in the center position of the third row. Because there were already cards above it, I turned over everything except the three cards that form the top row of the 3×3 square as a way to avoid confusion over which cards to read. Then I dealt three cards below the Ship and centered on it to complete the square.

With the exception of the alpha-and-omega cards, the Mice and the Coffin, all of the cards in the Ship’s row are encouraging. Mice + Sun suggests that I shouldn’t set my expectations too high, but Sun + Heart + Key look like an unconditional “Yes” for achieving my heart’s desire, while Key + Ship + Anchor indicate that I well be on firm ground. Anchor + Ring + Man imply being well-connected. Ring + Man + Coffin at the end seem to be saying that I should be careful about taking on too much responsibility, which could be detrimental to my health (a perception that is echoed by The Coffin mirroring the Mice). But the knighting arrays tell a more complex story.

In the square itself, the diagonals are quite interesting. I”m hoping to align with an established metaphysical shop or institution so I have a venue for my reading sessions; the triplicity of Clover + Ship + Tower suggests that I will be fortunate in dealing with the ownership or administration, while Moon + Anchor + Tower indicate a highly stable, professional working arrangement. Man knights to both Moon and Tower, suggesting that I should be able to prove myself and take some of the crippling “edge” off of the Scythe + Ship + Moon combination. However, that triplicity could mean that they want too big a “cut” for the work I perform there. I notice, though, that the blade of the Scythe is pointing away from the Ship, which traditionally means that it  “gathers” or “harvests” whatever is on the handle side. In that case, I might read the alternate flow, Moon + Ship + “harvesting” Scythe as “bringing home the bacon.” (See below for the rest of the story on that.)

Whip + Ship + Cross, with Ring knighting to both Whip and Cross, imply disagreeable and burdensome contract negotiations. The triplicities Scythe + Cross + Tower and Whip + Ship + Cross (with Whip knighting to Scythe) make me think there will be a certain ruthlessness to their demands, but Heart knighting to both Whip and Cross could mean that good feelings will prevail in the end. Scythe knights to both Sun and Anchor, undercutting some of the glowing assumptions inspired by the cards in the middle of the Ship’s row. The Scythe’s blade points away from the Cross, which traditionally means that the burden will be gathered in and compounded before being visited on the Moon. I may have to “eat” more of the unpleasantness than I like. On the other hand, Tower knights to both Key and Man, making it look like this option is still the right answer.

The Sun knights to the Scythe, so its buoyant disposition is under attack from both the Scythe and the Mice, which seek to hobble its enthusiasm. But the Sun also knights to the Clover and mirrors the Man while leading a long string of positive cards, so it may be enough to carry me past the Coffin. Anchor knights to the Clover in addition to the Scythe, while cementing the bond between The Ship and the Ring, so the threat posed by the Scythe would seem to be diminished. This perception is reinforced by the Clover and the Key sitting above the Scythe, with the Key knighting to both the Moon and the Tower.

Overall, I’m assuming that good will and reason will prevail, since Heart mirroring Ring looks like a “fair shake” to me.  As long as the Coffin doesn’t lay me low, I believe some good will come of this initiative.

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