A Lenormand Topic-Card “Cheat-Sheet”

In working with my “Knights’ Crossing” spread, I realized that it would be useful to have a visual cue-card (or “cheat-sheet”) for my clients to choose which of the topic cards is the best fit for their current circumstances. I decided to select the keyword parameters for those cards that are most likely to exhibit observable change or reflect movement as opposed to simply representing prevailing background conditions. I made a few compromises; for example, although the Rider’s principle meaning is incoming news of an “in-person” type, I selected “news/deliveries/visitors” because it encompasses both face-to-face oral messages and hand-delivered parcels, as well as personal visits or arrivals. I picked only those cards that describe “departments of life” and their key expressions as opposed to particular experiential qualities. Also, I reduced the window of interpretation for some of them to a single mundane element, such as the Moon for “Job/Work” and not the more abstract ideas of honor, recognition and reputation. Most querents want to know “Will I get the job?” Typically, “Will I get promoted?” comes later. The topic card descriptors are all narrowly situational rather than general in nature. I tried to make this more of a “life-reading” cross-section than an all-in-one reference, so many cards and keywords were excluded.

For example, the broad category “relationships with other people” could cut across Romance (Heart); Marriage (Ring) Children (Child); Family/Relatives (Lilies); Home Life (House as “housemates”); and Friendships (Dog), and I would rely on the querent to identify which one applies to the question. Of all the negative cards, I chose only the Clouds as a general indicator of unspecified “troubles” (that nagging feeling that something just isn’t right). I didn’t bring in human personality traits like Dishonesty (Snake) and Anger (Whip) or universal and impersonal aspects of life like Endings (Coffin) and Obstacles (Mountain). If the querent is unable to decide or wants me to cover several topics, I will default to the Grand Tableau. I may tweak some of the keyword meanings over time and will update this post if I do.

Lenormand Topic Cards.JPG


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