(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

I’ve been pondering where my initiative to get involved with the esoteric community here in southeastern New Hampshire is going. I get swamped with meet-up invitations from the metaphysical groups I joined online, but none have been compelling enough to lure me out of my house. I decided to do a 15-card “mini-tableau” with the Rana George Lenormand to see if there is anything new coming up on that front. Although I didn’t pre-select a Significator, I was hoping some combination of the Man (me), the Stars (esoteric matters) and the Park (public gatherings) would come up. But it looks like I got something completely different.

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The central focus card is the Rider, suggesting that I need to move forward and get my message out. The cards at the upper corners (Clouds + Whip) show that I’ve been beating the bushes (I know we aren’t supposed to use free-association but that one was just too tempting to ignore) with only doubtful encouragement to show for it, but the bottom two corner cards (Anchor + Ring) indicate that something significant may yet come together as long as I don’t get frustrated.

The middle row is especially interesting. One of the invitations I received was for a recurring tarot meet-up whose presenter is a woman with a last name that echoes the Ace of Spades. It sounds good in theory, but the Ship + House combination points out that I will have to travel a good distance to get to her abode, while the Fox following the Lady implies that I will not get what I want out of it. (Fox mirroring Ship makes the figurative destination look like something of a “moving target.”) The fact that she wants $25 per person per meeting tells me that she intends to teach, not share, and I’m well past the point of needing that at the proposed beginner-to-intermediate level; at this point I could teach an advanced course.

The central column (Child + Rider + Sun) reveals that my intentions are pure, while the bottom row (Ring + Letter + Sun + Birds + Anchor) predicts that the right opportunity to connect will eventually arrive (Ring + Letter + Sun) as long as I continue to separate the static (Birds) from the substance  (Anchor). The Child mirrors the Sun, and also mirrors the Ring and the Anchor diagonally, so the message seems to be to remain upbeat and keep on plugging toward the goal. But the Sun mirrors the Clouds and the Whip diagonally, telling me that I may have  difficulty finding a transparently favorable arrangement. The Child and the Sun both knight to the Ship and the Fox, showing that distance and duplicity are issues to be considered, while the Child also knights to the Letter and the Birds (emphasizing the email “static” factor) and the Sun  knights to the Coffin and the Bouquet (hmm, maybe “an offer I can’t refuse?”); most likely this simply means an end to inflated optimism.

The top row might be read as “Confusion will come to an end (Clouds + Coffin) and my cheerful outlook (Child) will win me an offer (Bouquet) resulting in worthwhile debate (Bouquet + Whip).” But Clouds mirroring the Whip and Coffin mirroring the Bouquet leave some doubt that it will be other than “more of the same,” so I’ll believe it when I see it. As the chief “trouble” card in the deck, the Clouds here knights to the Rider and the Letter (offering no relief from the uncertainty in communication) and the Whip knights to the Rider and the Birds, greatly ramping up the static quotient.

Overall, it looks like gridlock for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

  1. You’re very fortunate to even have an opportunity to meet in person with people who share your interests.

    Online interaction is wonderful and offers the chance to interact with people you may not have had the chance to otherwise. But getting face-to-face feedback is an entirely other thing. Entirely. Someone with your reputation would be greeted with so much warmth and appreciation. It would be a pity to cheat yourself out of that by overthinking it.

    Life is full of surprises. Not all of them are good, but many are. You may even learn a thing or two. It’s possible you know.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Who knows, maybe that perfect invitation you are waiting for will come whilst attending a less-than-perfect one.

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