“Hear All About It” – Lenormand “News” Cards

I have always understood that the Rider is the primary “news-bearer” among the Lenormand cards. However, in reading back through some of my published material, I came across a couple of distinctions. The Rider often represents news that is delivered in person, while the Letter indicates receipt of a written missive, whether through the post or by electronic mail. The Birds can show a telephone call, and also gossip. There does not seem to be a single card for public media such as radio or television; the Park combined with the Rider can mean public announcements. The Stars alone might symbolize the technology of electronic broadcasting, but not the programming. While it stands for knowledge, the Book is too formal and untimely to be considered “news.”  None of these cards by themselves describe the import of the communication they deliver, whether good or bad; that is determined by the nature of the adjacent cards.

The appearance of any of these three cards – Rider, Letter or Birds – in a reading advises the querent to be alert for incoming communication via the mode shown. Surrounded by positive cards, they suggest pleasant news, while negative cards reflect more disagreeable tidings.  The Rider, when it is near the querent’s significator, can show news that strikes “close to home” or is about the querent’s family, while if it is distant the news will be from far away or not particularly personal.* It can also indicate a man who is due to arrive in the querent’s life, whether or not he is a messenger. Telephone calls, due to their social  pervasiveness, are usually the most routine and inconsequential in their significance, while gossip is most often second-hand and not especially trustworthy. The Letter can show formal notification from official entities: legal, medical, governmental, business, etc. I’ve had it come up in relation to Veterans Affairs rulings and probate court adjudication. It can also mean newspapers (Letter + Rider for “paperboy” if they land on your doorstep) and leaflets or flyers such as advertising promotions.

I’ve found that, in a Grand Tableau, the “news” cards by themselves don’t normally carry as much weight as one of the key topic cards representing the various “departments of life:” health, home, family, work, romance, money, health, friendship, travel, commerce, etc. They are ancillary contributors to the narrative that, depending on their proximity to the different significators, can act as conduits for information pertinent to the central theme of each one. I tend to see them more as “commentary” (and occasionally as “trigger” cards) than as primary drivers of life’s circumstances. They are generally incidental to what is going on rather than critical to the action: “You are facing a serious health crisis, and oh, by the way, you may get a telephone call from a friend tomorrow” (Coffin-Cross-Tree-Birds-Dog). There may be some kind of synchronicity at work in these concurrent events (perhaps the friend had a premonition about your health and wanted to call), but more often not.

* From Lenormand Thirty-six Cards, Andy Boroveshengra, 2014

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