2019 Six-Month Look-ahead

I performed a Lenormand Grand Tableau using the Gilded Reverie deck to examine my overall prospects for the first six months of 2019.

2019 Six-Month Outlook.JPG
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The period begins, literally, with a new beginning – the Child in the house of Rider. The implications of this card are two-fold: we just relocated our household to a new home on the other side of the State, and our 1-year-old granddaughter was a major incentive behind this important step. The decision (Crossroads) brought an end (Coffin) to 38 years in our old home when the paperwork (Letter) was finalized. The Star, Sun and Heart series bodes well for our happiness, although it will not come without some annoying challenges (Mountain) in getting the house in order, since Mountain knights to Whip in the house of Fox and House in the house of Mice. The Ship and the Rider at the other two corners compete the “arrival” scenario.

The Significator (Man) is beset with some difficulties (Mice and Scythe) but they are to his left and therefore fading in importance; bracketing the Storks (a fortunate relocation), they suggest the anxiety and severing of connections arising from the move.  Of more concern is the Snake in the house of Garden immediately to the Man’s right, followed by the Garden in the house of Mountain. Since the Man is in the house of Tower, I’m anticipating some uncertainties and potential obstacles regarding city government, particularly in the area of public works. This is amplified by the Book in the house of Whip above the Man, possibly indicating some disagreement involving building or zoning codes. But the Dog in the house of Crossroads and the Bouquet in the house of Heart on either side of the House, with the Ring in the house of Letter directly below the Man, suggest that an agreeable decision will be forthcoming.

The Man’s row begins with the Tower in the house of Storks and the Storks in the house of Dog; one of my fervent hopes is that the move (Storks) will bring an end to the isolation (Tower) I experienced in our old location regarding my esoteric study and practice (Book), once I make a few connections here (Ring). The Garden-Dog-House-Bouquet sequence gives the impression that I will be aided in this goal, but the Snake in the house of Garden stands squarely in its path so it may be a circuitous endeavor with the possibility of a “false start” or two. (The “Garden of Eden” associations are unavoidable.) But the Snake is bounded above and below by the Clover in the house of Birds and the Key in the house of Man with both of them touching the Significator, implying that a favorable “buzz” will develop as I mount this initiative.

The knighting array involving the Man indicates the potential for stimulating financial developments  during the first half of the year. The Man knights to both the Bear in the house of Bouquet (long-term investments) and the Fish in the house of Child (disposable income), both of which could mean an opportunity for new sources of monetary reward to emerge. But the Man also knights to the Clouds in the house of  Woman and the Rider in the house of Ring, suggesting the chance for bad news regarding a commitment that could cause fiscal perturbations. The Clouds sits directly above the Woman in the house of Anchor, showing that the implications of this situation could spill over onto my wife, but she is surrounded by the stabilizing Anchor and the encouraging Lilies, while the diagonal series Man-Key-Woman forges an unshakeable connection between the two.

In the area of health, the Tree in the house of the Bear with the Heart above and the House below impart the idea of enduring vigor rooted in emotional and environmental contentment. The Whip before and the Birds after contribute some debilitating conflict and stress, but the diagonal contacts with the Sun, the Dog (which can signify a medical man) and the Bouquet support the above assumption; only the combination of the Heart in the house of Snake and the Mountain in the house of Coffin gives cause for concern, since the potential for an “obstruction” complicated by a misdiagnosis could present itself as something to bear in mind. The Mountain knights to the Whip, which is sometimes interpreted as vigorous exercise, so that may be the answer to any such vascular risk. The Tree knights to the Star, the Garden, the Moon and the Ship, so inaugurating a public enterprise via my divination practice may also be conducive to good mental health.

There is more to be seen in this spread, but the foregoing hits most of the high points.

3 thoughts on “2019 Six-Month Look-ahead

  1. With THE WOMAN (I think your wife) I feel it shows in her recent past a degree of recognition regarding long term friendships/family relationships on a deepish level and acknowledgment of those people throughout her life. Maybe reminiscing, also, that different interactions have impacted on the person she has become. Above her is the CLOUDs and GARDEN, so she may not be quite in her comfort zone and not sure socially where she stands. Ahead of her or right now, there are issues she is facing with some significant changes that have been made around her and in her life and for the long term. There is some distance between you both as well and yet you share the same/different doubts, issues and/or doing things for the long haul so as to speak. I think there is a bit of an adjustment going on.

    As for prospects? I think some opportunities are coming your way and through someone you know even if you’ve only met them once. It looks promising, but maybe something that starts from a seed and up. So, you may have to build your way up in whatever it is that is put on the table in line with what you want to do.

    However, there is also the possibility that something might look like it is all go only to stop dead in its tracks. So, just be prepared for something like that to happen along the way. I’m crossing fingers something will pan out in your favor with little to no setbacks.

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    • Thanks for the input, I see where you’re coming from. I was wondering whether you still drop by here occasionally. When I see “Australia” in the stats with a bunch of views I figure it must be you catching up. One question: since the reading was about me and not my wife, I’m wondering how legitimate it is to expand it into her individual space. My understanding has been that this is somewhat suspect, and in fact I usually do a separate periodic GT for her when I do my own.


  2. Hope all is well with you!

    I have been in a few times since the last time I looked at one of your GTs and must say it is coming along in leaps and bounds.

    True…this is your GT – 100%, but GTs can cover a range of areas including relationships and marriages as well and all at the same time with other topics. And as it is personal, rather than someone else, MAN has to be you and WOMAN has to be her. If this was a question on football finals or Politics I would probably not venture anywhere outside of that to be fair.

    The reason I looked at her is because she came up in your “line of 4” and that I could not ignore or overlook. Stood out actually. There is something significant for that card to have turned up there and depending on what that line means to you in a reading it could have significance whether you see it as fate, destiny, the near future, what is not known, and/or extra added insight etc.

    I have not really touched on anything too major connected to her and it probably could be done a bit more even within this GT, but I didn’t and will not as it is your GT.

    All I will say, is there seems to be a role she plays in all of this only she is not quite there yet when it comes to matching you with your thinking and attitude.

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