A Life-Factors Reading: Who Is Brett Kavanaugh?

I decided to test my Temperament and Character spread on Judge (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh to see what kind of person it shows him to be. I used the Thoth deck, with reversals, and selected the senior member of the Swords suit (the Thoth Knight) as Significator. My camera is packed away for our move, so there is no picture of the layout; you will have to use your imagination or spread the cards for yourself.

The Temperament string had the 4 of Cups reversed in the Wands position, the Queen of Cups reversed in the Cups position, the 5 of Cups in the Swords position and the 3 of Disks reversed in the Disks position, which yielded the Devil reversed as the Temperament sub-quint card: (-4) + (-13) + 5 + (-3) = (-15). It looks to me like Kavanaugh might not actually be the devil incarnate that Liberals make him out to be, but he could very well be a crafty manipulator of sectarian values that may be even more likely to bedevil the progressive agenda. These cards suggest a conservative temperament that takes responsibility seriously and is not prone to overreact. (The preponderance of reversals in this layout – 8 of 11 cards – portrays a decidedly private demeanor, as well as a trajectory that may not follow the usual judicial script.)

The Character string had the 4 of Disks reversed in the Fire position; the Lovers reversed in the Water position; the Emperor in the Swords position; and the Aeon (Judgement) reversed in the Earth position. The Character sub-quint was Adjustment (Justice) reversed: (-4) + (-6) + 4 + (-20) = (-26) = (-8). It appears that he could  render legal decisions and opinions that follow his private convictions rather than consensus assumptions, to the dismay of those for whom “justice” is a rather elastic concept. Alternatively, by “casting out Nines” instead of reducing numerologically, the Star reversed comes up as the sub-quint, indicating the dimming hopes of the political opposition that his tenure on the bench will be an enlightened one. The Character cards are more dynamic than the Temperament string, with the highly motivated Emperor in the Air position as the most comfortable in its role, imparting the idea that he will be his own man and not an ideological “rubber stamp.”

The Grand Quintessence was the Hierophant reversed: (-15) + (-8) = (-23) = (-5). It appears that conventional wisdom of long standing could be turned on its head. Once again, by casting out Nines instead of applying traditional reduction, Art (Temperance) reversed appears as the Grand Quint, showing that, with Kavanaugh’s addition, the anticipated retrenching of the high court could result in a more “hands-on” tactical than scholarly strategic slant.

Reading the pairs, the Wands/Fire combination was the 4 of Cups rx and the 4 of Disks rx; since there is a certain coolness and dryness to this match, he is not likely to be “fired up” by anything other then his own purposeful commitment to pragmatic jurisprudence. The Cups/Water pairing was the Queen of Cups rx and the Lovers rx,  suggesting that compassion will take a back seat to abstract rationalism, but that neither will emerge into full public view.  The Lovers rx may also have repercussions for various forms of social tolerance. The Swords/Air duo was the 5 of Cups and the Emperor; the astrological correspondence for the 5 of Cups is Mars in Scorpio, clearly indicating the taint of salacious behavior that has besmirched his reputation and credibility, but the Emperor pretty much strong-arms his way through it in a burst of righteous zeal. The Disks/Earth array marries the 3 of Disks to the Aeon, both reversed; the implication is that an increase in methodical legal (and constitutional) literalism could spell the end of an era.

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