The “Boxcar Shuffle” Mixed-Media Forecast Spread

Sometimes I get bored just shuffling, cutting and dealing the cards and want something a little more exotic. Here is a spread that starts with six randomly drawn cards laid face-down. A single six-sided die is used to create an “emerging” story-line by selecting the order in which these cards are revealed in each of six face-up reading positions. (As you move cards, be sure to remember the position numbers of the remaining ones.) The spread also uses the subtleties of facing (posture, gaze and gesture) and reversal to indicate whether the matter will proceed in a straightforward manner or be subject to resistance and redirection. This is a simple timeline spread that follows the conventions of the Celtic Cross without that spread’s social and psychological implications (no position-specific involvement of others, no hopes, fears, etc.)Boxcar Shuffle Spread.JPG

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