The “Measure of the Moment” Spread

Although this decision-making spread looks complicated, it is more so in its derivation than in its interpretation. At its simplest, it consists of four main elemental cards, each flanked by two modifiers, that represent active agents expressing the thrust of the energies in the matter of the reading. The title refers to the confluence of those energies in greater or lesser part according to the potency of the cards in each row. The middle cards are derived by the “quintessence” method of numerological summation. (You can use your own “quint” method rather than mine if you choose.) The combination in each row is read as a summary of the motivational (Wands), emotional (Cups), mental (Swords) and practical (Disks/Pentacles) outlook for development of the querent’s circumstances. A final card is calculated from the first four to serve as an overall outlook for the situation; it can be read in combination with the Practical Outlook to elaborate on the benefit that might be received from the outcome.

Blended Energies Spread.JPG

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