Dump That Trump? (Volume 2)

It’s been a year-and-a-half since my last Grand Tableau reading on the fortunes of United States President Donald Trump, so I decided to perform an update on the subject. This time I did something a little different: there is a technique by which tarot cards are merged with Lenormand cards to provide a kind of “circumstantial background” for the Lenormand testimony. I chose to use my favorite sociopolitical deck, Brian Williams’ Post-Modern (PoMo) Tarot with the Golden Lenormand since both decks are approximately the same size. Because there is a powerful and utterly humorless sentiment among staunch Liberals that Trump should be impeached and relieved of his mandate (full disclosure: I’m not a card-carrying Liberal by any stretch, although Trump as a person often makes me cringe), I decided to open with a bit of relevant comic relief from Little Charlie and the Nightcats.

Even though Trump has a Gemini Sun astrologically, he also has the last degree of Leo rising, so it’s tempting to use the volatile, audacious King of Wands for his Significator. But there is a highly calculating mind behind all of that obnoxious bluster, so I opted to stay with the King of Swords.


Populating the 8×4+4 Grand Tableau layout with the tarot cards, the King of TVs (expressing the Air of Swords in my opinion, since I disagree with Williams that TVs should be Fire) appeared as the first card in the “fate” or “destiny” line at the bottom of the spread; this is the house of the Key, suggesting that Trump has a “lock” on his position; it will take more than public hostility to dislodge him. The rest of the tarot cards in that series are the Ace of Money (Pentacles) in the house of the Fish; the 8 of Bills (also Pentacles) in the house of the Anchor; and the World in the house of the Cross. His wealth got him where he is today, and it appears – at least from this preliminary testimony – that he’s “destined” to rule. As Pistol told Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor, “The world is mine oyster.”

All images copyright Harper Collins Publishers, New York, NY

Placing the Lenormand cards on top of the tarot array, the Man (in this one case I won’t use “Gentleman”) showed up in the house of the Tower. While Trump has become increasingly isolated, he is still “ruling the roost.” The 2 of Bills beneath the Man implies that he is trying to keep the lid on material changes in his personal circumstances. I apologize for the poor quality of this photograph, but it is sufficient to identify the cards.

All images copyright Lo Scarabeo, Torino, Italy

The Man is preceded by the Key in the house of the Dog (he is counting on loyalty), an obvious echo of the King of Swords in the house of the Key, but the Fox before the Key suggests deception and possibly fraudulence at its root. The Man is followed by the Dog in the house of the Garden, showing that his loyal minions are running interference for him with the public, but the Rider in the house of the Mountain following it reflects that getting the message across is increasingly difficult.  The tarot Moon (Williams’ “Night”) beneath the Rider shows a kind of “smoke-and-mirrors” atmosphere. The Lenormand Moon in the house of Roads following the Rider implies that his “job security” is at a crossroads, while the Tree in the house of Mice next makes me think a deterioration in his health is a distinct possibility. However, the Star in the house of the Heart at the end of the line shows that too much faith should not be placed on that eventuality by his detractors.

The Man has the House in the house of the Whip directly above him (hmm, a “white house” at that, reflecting where he is currently domiciled), the implication being that he is under some duress “where he lives.” Four of the main negative cards ( Snake, Coffin, Mountain and Scythe) are arranged in a line directly below him, and the tarot cards underlying them (Judgement, the Tower, the King of Money [Pentacles] directly below the Man, and the 8 of Swords) indicate that he could be standing on shaky ground. Furthermore, there is literally a “mountain” (Mountain in the house of Letter, suggesting legal briefs filed to obstruct him) standing between the Man (Trump) and delivery on his campaign pledges (Ring). The one thing in his favor is that they are all beneath him, giving the impression that he has a handle on their potential impact. The Man knights to the Mice, the Snake and the Whip, showing that adversity will continue to dog him. The Man also knights to the Bear, so he may be placing too much trust in his advisors.

The first three cards of the spread (the “message” for the subject) are the Storks, the Roads and the Letter, showing that he may have to shift his stance when and if he is “served” by his legal adversaries. However, the rest of the cards in that row (Lilies, Sun, Heart, Bouquet, Child) are mainly positive, giving the impression that not much will come of it and he could in fact experience a new “lease on life” following the encounter. The four corners of the layout hold the Storks, the Child, the Woman and the Snake; his previous escapades with prostitutes (Woman in the house of Moon as “working girls?”) still hold center stage in public estimates of his worthiness to lead, although he is trying to move past that to a less tarnished image (Storks + Child).

Horizontally, the Man mirrors the Moon, reflecting the consequences of his reputation and by association his “job approval” rating. The tarot Moon in the house of Mountain shows it to be something of a “millstone around his neck,” but independent opinion polls reveal that he stands at around 50% in that regard, as might be expected from the almost evenly divided political climate in the country since his election.

The four-card “destiny” line has the Ring, the Birds, the Cross and the Fish. His “Contract with America” (Ring) has been the subject of much bickering (Birds), and it is his fate (Cross) to be castigated for his money–making prowess (Fish), which is an ongoing impediment to his credibility.

Overall, I don’t see a lot here that indicates his imminent political demise, just a continuation of the unrelenting assaults on his character over the next year and attempts to “pull the rug out from under him” (maybe they’re going after the wrong “rug”). While certainly not all of them are undeserved, they increasingly resemble ad hominem attacks grounded in negative emotions rather than substantive issues (although there are a few of those in the mix as well). Suffice it to say I’m no fan of Trump the Man or of the Religious Right, but Trump the Agenda garners more of my sympathies; as one who vividly recalls the  comparatively less cynical attitudes, less bankrupt social values and less threadbare quality of life in the ’50s and ’60s, I wouldn’t mind seeing his more conscionable attempts at economic and societal restoration succeed. It would be nice if common courtesy (which seems to have gone the way of common sense and the dodo) resurfaced and we liked or disliked one another once again based on our actions (which do in fact speak louder than words) rather than simply on our political affiliations and our partisan rhetoric.


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