Missing-Person Update #2: Brandon

The case of Brandon Chicklis is progressing, with a young Massachusetts woman to be charged with his murder. No details of the investigation were provided, other than that he was allegedly murdered in her Ashburnham, MA home and dumped in New Hampshire.


The first three cards as interpreted in the original reading now come into sharper focus: a disagreement with an older woman (Queen of Wands rx) – she is 21 – and the possibility of rejection by a lover (10 of Cups rx and 2 of Cups rx). The 6 of Cups next in line makes me think he went to the woman’s home seeking reconciliation. The card following the Significator (Knight of Swords) suggests a male accomplice who helped transport his body to New Hampshire.

As testimony in the case emerges, we will hopefully hear more about the circumstances of Brandon’s death. Right now I’m guessing he was a spurned ex-lover who tried to force the issue and paid the price. Another possibility with the adverse Cups between them is that they became intoxicated and he suffered some kind of medical crisis or trauma in which she was implicated; she may have panicked and reacted instinctively. However, that would probably not have brought an arrest on murder charges quite so quickly. Here is an interesting quote from the prosecution that points in this direction:

“She also stated that they had spent the day together at her residence,” prosecutor Terry McLaughlin said. “She indicated they had been drinking alcohol and that the victim in that case had left to purchase narcotics but never returned.”

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