Binning My Spreads

UPDATE #2: OK, let’s try this again. All of the tags have been turned into formal categories and the search function seems to be finding what it should. The “Categories” drop-down is the way to access them. Let me know if you find glitches when using it.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the WordPress search engine isn’t robust enough to handle multi-word tags. It makes a couple of correct calls and then loses its way. This isn’t going to do what I thought it would, so i will probably have to create top-level categories instead.

For those of you who would like to try some of the approximately 100 spreads I’ve posted here but don’t have the time or patience to wade through nearly 550 posts to find the ones that interest you, I’ve decided to add a tag to each of them describing the type of spread it represents. I have already established the following sub-categories:

Decision-making Spreads (from yes-or-no to complex scenarios)
Problem-solving Spreads
Relationship Spreads (romantic and otherwise)
Work & Business Spreads (career, entrepreneurial and organizational)
Life-reading Spreads (general-purpose daily, weekly, monthly and yearly spreads)
Health & Happiness Spreads
Miscellaneous Spreads (the “kitchen sink”)
Celtic Cross Spreads (variations on the theme)
Personality Spreads (more psychologically oriented  spreads)

You can use the WordPress Search window on my home page to find them by entering the titles shown. I’m slowly populating the spread posts with these tags but it will take me another day or so to finish. Note that I’m not doing this for my Lenormand spreads since there aren’t enough of them to require categorizing.

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