Crunch Time

This is the first Grand Tableau I’ve done in a while. We are coming down to the wire on our planned relocation to be closer to our granddaughter, and I wanted a general indication of how the situation will play out in the next three months. As Significators, I focused on the Gentleman, the Lady, the House and the Storks (all randomly pulled) to see what the interplay will be between them.

Crunch Time.JPG
All images copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT

The first three cards as a “message for the querent”  capture nothing more than the circumstances that have brought us to this point. If the Child is taken to mean our granddaughter, then it shows that our isolation from her (High Tower) is a burden (Cross). The “burden” motif carries over into the four corners, where this whole transition (“cross to bear”) is having an understandable impact on our fortunes (Sun) and our stability (Anchor), and is causing us a good deal of low-level stress (Birds).

Things do look substantially better for the Significators. The House is in the “fate” or “destiny” line, in the house of Fish (representing our available equity) and immediately below the Lady as well as touching the Gentleman. The fact that it is below is telling me “we got this;” House also knighting to the Ring, the Storks and the Stars from the house of abundance (Fish) doesn’t seem to leave a lot of doubt as to where this is going. The one thing that gives me pause here is that the House also knights to the Mountain in its own house, which could mean that finding a desirable home in our target location will be difficult. The House is next to the Tree (“something that endures”) in the house of Anchor (long-term stability) – we will “put down roots” – and is preceded by the Lilies in the house of Key (providence or certainty). Lilies is a card of enduring happiness when surrounded by favorable cards (as here). The Moon at the end of the line makes me think this evolution has become – in the words of the old Ford slogan – “Job #1” for us at this time.

The row holding the Gentleman and Lady begins with the stress (Birds) involved in trying to come to closure (Ring), while the Ship and the Storks imply that the move will indeed happen. Coffin in Sun and Anchor in Moon suggest the sadness entailed in ending our almost 40-year residence in our present home. The Gentleman and Lady side-by-side show that we’re in this together. With the exception of the Mountain, this pair is over-arched by good cards: Ring, Fish, Star, Key, Ship. The sequence Mountain-Letter-Bouquet-Fox has me thinking we may be “low-balled” on any forthcoming offers for our property. The diagonal line Snake-Fish-Gentleman-House reiterates this impression; however, Fish in the house of Dog (“good-faith” monetary dealings) solidly supported by Bear above and Ring below make an iron-clad case for not giving in to this. Although not technically precise for the 8×4+4 GT, the House is mirrored by the Park (public or community) in the house of House; the fact that it is followed by the Mice in the house of Tree implies that bargain-hunters will be coming out of the woodwork, looking to grab “low-hanging fruit,” once we put our present home on the market.

There are also a couple of knighting vignettes involving the Gentleman and Lady that are worth mentioning. He knights to the Bear and the Heart, showing the strength of his commitment, while she knights to the Whip and the Dog, revealing that her patience with his stubbornness is being tested. Tell me about it. This line is chock-full of challenging cards (Snake, Whip, Clouds, Scythe) giving the feeling that the Heart and Dog are under siege.  The Gentleman knights to the Mountain and the Tree, with the Ship between them; the rigorous enterprise involved in positioning ourselves for the move is having an adverse effect on my physical well-being that is slowing down the effort (no more ladder-climbing allowed on doctor’s orders: Tree knights to Letter and Coffin).

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