A Cold Case Update: Where Is Tina?

In February, 2001, Tina Sinclair and her daughter Bethany disappeared from their home in West Chesterfield, NH under suspicious circumstances. Speculation was that they were victims of domestic violence but no evidence to that effect was ever substantiated. As this link shows, investigators are still actively searching for them.


I did a previous reading on this case around three years ago (well before this blog) using my “Train to Nowhere” spread that I posted on a tarot forum to which I no longer have access; I recall that it offered little hope of their discovery as alive and well somewhere else in the world.

I decided to repeat my inquiry using my just-created “World of Hurt” missing-person spread. I haven’t done the probability statistics on this spread, but there are four variables (King, Queen, Knight and Page) that have a random chance of appearing as the Significator in one of the five positions of the  draw on the first pass. It would be tempting to say from simple multiplication that there is a 1:20 chance of that happening, but it would seem to be more complicated than that. At any rate, I was looking for a Queen to come up to represent then 36-year old Tina, and the Queen of Wands appeared in the “Deceased” position of the layout.


All images copyright Los Scarabeo, Torino, Italy

he remaining cards in the Significator’s row are two of the more morose examples in the deck. The 8 of Cups in the “Will she be found?” position points to “No” with a good deal of certainty. With that in mind, the “Timeframe” card was unnecessary, but I pulled one anyway as additional information for a big-picture perspective on the overall situation. The 9 of Swords just as clearly indicates “no end to the nightmare.”

In looking at hints of her possible whereabouts, I informally read this three-card line as a narrative using the guidance in my original post on the creation of this spread. The Queen of Wands represents “Water of Fire” in the Golden Dawn system of correspondences, which suggests a “wet, warm place.” In my examination of the court cards as natural phenomena (an extension of Aleister Crowley’s abbreviated commentary in the Book of Thoth), I portrayed it as the general concept of Fire extinguished by Water, a possible indication of drowning (or perhaps submergence after death). The 8 of Cups offers a further intimation of this potential; I sometimes call it the “poisoned well” card. The association of this card with Saturn in Pisces shows a great deal of difficulty in “getting to the bottom” of the investigation. (In this regard, I find it interesting that the police are revisiting the dam location, which offers only 4 feet of visibility to divers.) The 9 of Swords (Mars in Gemini) completes what is a very desolate tableau, with the vigor of the Queen of Wands dissipating into chaos. The pairing could be read as “trial by water.”

The police may be onto something here with their underwater focus. I will perform the same spread on Bethany to see if there is any corroboration of the testimony about her mother. It may in fact show a different path.

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