A Cold Case Continuation: Where Is Bethany?

As mentioned in my last post, here is the second half of the reading on the fate of Tina and Bethany Sinclair. In this spread, I was looking for a Page to come up as the Significator for the 15-year-old girl. The Page of Pentacles appeared as the very first card in the draw, which is the “Escaping Something” position that signifies “running away” or “in hiding.”

All images copyright Los Scarabeo, Torino, Italy

There was early speculation that she had been spirited away by an aunt in Connecticut, but no further information was ever presented on that beside a curt disavowal. I’ve long felt that she may have been placed in protective custody. The Page is a card that I previously suggested as meaning “under the control of others.” The Page of Pentacles represents “Earth of Earth” in the Golden Dawn system, which could certainly mean “in the ground,” but it could also be saying “gone to ground” like a frightened rabbit.

As to whether she is likely to be found, the 6 of Swords falls into the “Yes-Leaning” column of the table and gives the impression that she has been “carried to another shore.” The boatman would be the custodial authority in question.

The “Timeframe” card is the 6 of Pentacles, implying that six years will pass before anything new is revealed concerning Bethany’s whereabouts and circumstances. If there are any lingering doubts about her safety, this provision could be the very soul of prudence, especially since she may be a material witness. The two Sixes convey the idea that things have reached a state of equilibrium for her right now; if she is in fact alive, she will keep a low profile and bide her time.

The counterpoint that this reading provides to that of Tina shows that the daughter may have escaped the same apparent end that befell the mother. Only time will tell. I’m becoming increasingly encouraged by the testimony delivered by this spread, all I need is verified results.

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