The Fool’s Debut Revisited

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you will have noticed that I’ve been making increasingly broader use of the “quintessence” card, a numerical roll-up of the cards in a spread that, when numerologically reduced as necessary to yield a number below 22,  produces a trump card offering high-level insights on the situation and showing either the best course of action to take or the worst-case scenario to avoid. Recently, while working through my “Fool’s Debut” pregnancy and childbirth spread, I happened to run the quintessence calculation on the line of the spread that describes the best-case outcome for a successful full-term birth.

The five cards in the “Ideal” pregnancy line are the Magician, the Empress, the Wheel of Fortune, the Sun and the World, all cards with generally positive connotations. What I belatedly realized was that summing the values of these cards results in the number 9 (1+3+10+19+21 = 54; 5+4 = 9). Nine is a significant number in this context because it represents the average number of months for a typical pregnancy; the cards were originally selected for their intrinsic nature and I didn’t recognize until today that the ninth trump, the Hermit as Virgo, is a card of attainment in reaping the harvest of nine months of child-bearing. This observation reinforces the commentary I made on the “1-3-1-1-3” array of the “ideal” line in the original version, but I failed to “connect the dots” at that time. Consequently, I have now added the following words to the reading guidance for the spread:

” Lay out the “Ideal” line with cards from a second deck. This line shows the best-case scenario for taking the pregnancy to term. The “quintessence” card for this series is 9, the Hermit, and the number of months in a typical pregnancy. Its sign is Virgo and September marks the beginning of the harvest season. Fortune (the Wheel and the Sun) smiles on the mother-to-be, bringing fulfillment (World) to the Empress.”

Here is the revised layout:

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