A “Collision Course” Spread

Astrology uses the concept of “open enemies” (7th House) and “hidden enemies” (12th House) to describe the interaction of an individual with others who may not have his or her best interests at heart. I have never seen this approach used in a coordinated way in a tarot spread, but there is always a first time for everything. The attached spread can be used for any activity that involves two or more potential antagonists (people or entities) who are on ominous converging paths for any reason, professional or personal; there may not be three types of adversary (querent, open opponent[s]and hidden opponent[s]) in every situation, so only the corresponding event chain(s) should be used. I tried to apply the color scheme to show the diluting effect that conflict has on the querent’s original enthusiasm. The “quint” card is intended as a roll-up of the combined influence of the three cards that form the post-confrontation “steering” (Mid-Course Correction) phase of the activity, and offers advice for the “New Course” that more often than not will be some kind of compromise. As always, this will be a trump card that serves to take the querent’s response up a notch.


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