A “Melting Pot” Example Reading

There has been some interest in seeing how this spread works in action, so I decided to do an example reading with it. The question involves a planned relocation to the other side of the State to be near family members, and one of the options we’re considering is moving into a town that has a dubious reputation for public safety, but that is much less expensive in terms of home prices and property taxes. The decision we have to make is whether we should settle for this situation rather than holding out for something in a more desirable but costlier location. I used the remarkable Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus deck for this reading, with reversals (although no cards turned up reversed).

All images © 2015 M.M. Meleen

The Wands (Fire) pair includes the Princess of Wands as the positive card and its opposite number, the Princess of Swords (Air), as the negative one. Should we do what makes us optimistic and enthusiastic or what makes the most sense. Since The Princess of Wands is more at home in this  location, I would opt for the first choice.

The Cups (Water) pair holds the Ace of Cups in the positive position and the Ace of Disks as its negative counterpart. Once again, should we do what we’re most comfortable with or what is the most practical? Since Cups is the domain of emotions, the Ace of Cups has a leg up here; it doesn’t want any unnecessary drama.

The Swords (Air) pair involves the 8 of Wands expressing the positive outlook, with the 8 of Swords presenting the opposite view. Should we cave in to the urge to move quickly or should we hang back and wait for inspiration to guide us? The 8 of Swords is most attuned to the element of Air, so its advice (to delay a decision until more is known) is the most reliable.

The Disks (Earth) pair matches the 5 of Swords to its counterpart, the 5 of Wands, an unhappy choice between “Defeat” and “Strife.” Would taking a chance be a serious error, while failing to take it might land us in challenging circumstances? The 5 of Wands is elementally agreeable to Earth while the 5 of Swords is unfriendly to it. The suggestion is that we should accept the hardship of higher costs to dodge the possibility of suffering a more serious setback.

The Spirit pair has the 7 of Disks in the positive (“Hopes”) position and the 7 of Cups in the negative (“Fears”) slot. Do we realistically take a house that may not be perfect for us just to “get it done,” or do we go after our ideal home? Since Cups, as the Water suit, is more sympathetic to the “Aether” of Spirit, it seems to be saying that we should stifle our doubts and take the more satisfying path. (After all, that 7 of Disks says “Failure” on it, while the 7 of Cups is titled “Debauch;” I can see us wallowing in our new pricier digs like pigs in a mud-hole.)

The base card is the Prince of Wands. This has me thinking that we haven’t contacted a realtor yet in the target location, so that is probably who is waiting in the wings. I can’t think of a better card to represent a salesman.

The quint, in the method I use,  comes out as Death. This is a clear indication that settling for the cheaper but riskier option would be too big a lifestyle change for us, and that we would be better off to avoid going that way.

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