The “Melting Pot” Decision-Making Spread

New ideas for this blog are starting to stack up; I created this spread a couple of days ago but have been trying to limit myself to one new post a day. I really should write a book (as many people have been encouraging me to do), but the “bite-size” scope of these blog posts is perfect for my current attention span and time allotment. I guess I would rather be known as a “minor master of the three-paragraph essay” than a purveyor of complex and intricately coordinated ruminations on all things tarot. Anyone who takes the time to browse through all 500+ of my posts will see that I’m gradually getting there anyway.

This is a decision-making spread that uses my concept of “mirror cards;” that is, the cards that are diametrically opposite the cards drawn either on the Golden Dawn’s Chaldean wheel of decans or according to other astrological principals. Here they become expressions of the opposing energy as unfavorable to the purpose of the card in the “positive” position. This is an experimental technique that has yet to prove its validity, but I think it shows promise. For reference, here is a link to my first post on the subject:

UPDATE: In the example reading I just did, I realized that it’s probably a good idea to have a second deck (a duplicate would be best) that can be kept in order to make finding the counterpart cards quicker and easier.  Also, although it hasn’t happened yet, it’s not unlikely that both cards of a pair will appear in the “positive” positions during the pull, making a second deck necessary to populate the “negative” ones.

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