An “Astrological Lemniscate” Problem-Solving Spread

I’ve become rather bored with the traditional 12-position astrological spread; it often turns into a case of too much information, to the point that you “can’t see the forest for the trees.” But I do believe a good deal of interpretive mileage can be gained from blending the active and passive natures of the twelve signs with randomly-drawn cards in a tarot spread. So I recast the whole system in a new array, dispensing with the astrological houses and designing a “lemniscate” flow with separate active (Fire and Air sign) and passive (Water and Earth sign) loops. I retained the concept of internal (self-focused) and external (other-focused) hemispheres. The anchor for this layout is provided by the Sun-Moon axis with the Ascendant as the “Significator;” I call this the “awareness horizon,” showing the querent’s current position in the matter. These cards should come from a second deck, and can be either those associated with the decans for their birth chart positions or drawn at random.

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