Tarzan and Jane’s Sexual Adventure Spread

That title grabbed your attention, didn’t it!

Tarzan and Cheetah.jpg

A couple of years ago,  someone on the Aeclectic Tarot forum  asked point-blank in a reading exchange “Does X want to have sex with me?” After I got done laughing at the audacity, I realized that all of the hopeful, high-minded “friendship” spreads and the widespread curiosity over “What does X think/feel about me?” don’t really get to the – ahem – meat of the matter, so to speak. I finally got around to creating a spread just for that purpose. In these times of supercharged gender neutrality (now there’s an oxymoron worth its salt), it won’t do to trot out the old Mars/male and Venus/female sexual archetypes, so I kept it open-ended.

This is the “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” of tarot spreads, but created for couples instead of foursomes. The idea is to show congeniality at its most primal and private, devoid of social posturing and hormone-fueled bravura. It is gender-inclusive, offering a range of alternate scenarios (but no Tarzan and Cheeta unless you really must).  The first four cards in each row show how likely the participants are to be attracted to one another, and the two “Sub-Quints” derived from those four give a snapshot of their overall magnetism for comparison. In most cases, “friendly” cards bode well, but overly upbeat or downbeat “Commitment” cards (in what might also be called the “Monogamy” position) may be a show-stopper if one person has partnership aspirations more earnest than those of the other. The “Grand Quint” card derived from the two sub-quints displays the level of mutual satisfaction that can be expected from the liaison. Reversals can be used to suggest reticence on either side.

This spread is a stripped-down (stop staring at Johnny Weissmuller!) version of my “Love Links” relationship spread, which explores overall compatibility with an eye toward long-term attachment. Here the tone is more relaxed than serious, with the factors of great sex, good fun, and stimulating romantic playfulness (aka “flirting”) at the top of the list of desirable qualities. Strong feelings in the “commitment” area could be a drag on such nonchalant affairs, so neutral rather than positive cards are more encouraging in this position of the layout; on the other hand, exceptionally negative cards here may imply desperation, which won’t come across as very appealing to prospective partners.


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