Tough Love: A Relationship Crisis Spread

There is a saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Although it is intended to mean that the tough knuckle down and battle on through to the end, when things get truly ugly the toughest option may be to pull up stakes and leave the situation. The main question is obviously “Should I stay or should I go?” In looking at my population of decision-making spreads, I realized that I don’t have one specifically to address relationships at a crossroads. Such situations are usually romantic, but they can also be social or professional.

Here is a spread for those walking the knife’s edge of a relationship in crisis and trying to decide what to do. It looks at three sets of options within the two possible paths, “Stay” or “Go.” The “best case” scenario compares the “pluses” of one choice over the other; the “mixed outcome” examines the “glass half empty or glass half full” dichotomy and the trade-offs involved; and the “worst case” scenario weighs the “minuses” of each one against the other. The alternative of including up to three cards in each position is offered if more detail is desired; they should be dealt in series, position-by-position.  Reversals may be used if you like. Because odd numbers in my number-theory system are active and unbalanced, seeking equilibrium, they support the “Go” option, while the even numbers are passive and balanced, striving to maintain the status quo; they align best with the “Stay” option.

The “Advice” card is always a single card, and it is left face-down until the cards in each path have been compared. Then it is revealed to see which of the two choices it favors, whether by inherent nature or dignity of various types (elemental, numerical, astrological, hierarchical, etc). Two “quintessence” cards may be derived from the odd and even sets (Cards #1, #3 and #5 in the “Go” chain and Cards #2, #4 and #6 in the “Stay” chain); these cards are then paired individually with Card #7 to provide additional testimony to the “recommended action” profile.

I’ve done an example reading that I will post separately.

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