Trumps and Mirrors

In my previous post on the subject of astrological “mirrors” for all 78 cards of the tarot, I mentioned that the proper classification of the seven planetary and three elemental trump cards for this purpose would have wait for another day. Today is that day.

In thinking more deeply about this subject, I realized that a little more formality is required to keep all of the puzzle-pieces organized, so I created a table that captures the permutations for all 22 trump cards. I also recognized that all of the trump cards have a secondary set of correspondences – zodiacal, planetary or numerological – that can be brought into play to offer the possibility of an alternate mirror card for each one. In this way, the mirror that best fits the circumstances of a reading can be chosen by the reader. Some of these assignments demanded more than a little creative thinking, and not everyone will agree with what I came up with, but each one of them has a carefully-reasoned basis. There is a good deal of food for thought in this expansion of the Golden Dawn’s system of astrological correspondences for the Major Arcana.

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