Example #2: Lenormand Deck “Attitude Check”

Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand has been my go-to deck since I first started studying that system of divination in 2013, but I’ve been less enamored of it lately. So I decided that I would bring it to my Lenormand “attitude check” spread to see what that might tell me. The Significator once again turned up in the far-right pack, with 8 cards coming after it. Therefore, 78% of the deck appeared to the left of the Significator, re-emphasizing that the Lenormand system is more utilitarian than visionary, more fact-based than intuitively conjectural.

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Fully 50% of the pessimistic negative cards (4 of 8) came up to the right of the Significator, perhaps mirroring the awareness that I’ve been less enthusiastic about the deck’s equanimity of late. While this is below the 75% that would make it truly remarkable, the fact that it also comprises half of all the future-oriented cards adds to its impact. The other four negative cards are farther away from the Significator and of considerably less concern.


Among the combinations of special significance, the Bear and the Fish are not to the right of the Child, implying that the deck will not overstate its testimony. However, the Mountain is to the right of the Mice (the “making-a-mountain-out-of-a-molehill” scenario), showing that the deck may occasionally indulge in hyperbole. The Ring is not to the right of the Heart, but the Dog is, making me think the deck’s abundant bonhomie will be more casual than committed.  Regarding the tone of the deck’s messages, the Bouquet, the Star, the Sun, the Clover, the Heart and the Key are all to the right of the Rider, and the Key and the Heart are also to the right of the Letter, so the deck’s communication will be largely on the upbeat side. Among the negative cards, only the Snake is close, like the proverbial worm in the apple, sitting in the middle of this cheerful array and adding a sour note. My experience has been that its easy conversational manner makes it a breeze to read.

Here is the fully expanded layout . . .


. . . and here is the “extracted” version.


I spent some time looking over the deck to see if any other combinations should be added to the “special considerations” group, but didn’t come up with any compelling justification for it. The spread seems to be fully functional as it currently stands.

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