A Miscellany of Cards

I have quite a few divination decks that I never use for any purpose other than admiring them as works of art. In order to become more familiar with them over time, I decided to perform an exercise here. On a periodic basis, I will randomly choose one of my decks and draw a card from it, also randomly, to discuss in terms of its symbolic and artistic merit. Not all of these reviews will be laudatory.

The attached list includes all of my decks except playing-card decks; there are ten sets of six decks each. I intend to use dice to select which of the sixty to explore. First, I’ll roll one or two dice to see how many dice I should roll for the deck selection. I’ll alternate between one and two so I cover the entire population over time. For any 11 or 12 roll, I will default to ten dice for a possible maximum of 60.


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