New Lenormand Deck “Attitude Check”

Because most Lenormand decks are matter-of-fact and don’t differ much from their peers in terms of imagery or interpretation, it has always seemed to me that trying to conduct the kind of “new deck interview” that many people do with tarot decks is an exercise in futility. The cards don’t respond well to the kind of fanciful personification this implies. But I’ve been thinking of pragmatic ways it might be done, and came up with the attached highly-experimental spread to gauge what kind of “attitude” a new Lenormand deck might bring to the table. This is very much a work-in-progress, and will probably go through several iterations before I’m satisfied with it.

Update: I have revised the spread to add Book + Clouds and Book + Park to show how readily accessible a deck’s wisdom is.

Here’s a quick link to all of my Lenormand spreads and spread-design commentary:

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